Duplin Early College High School

Duplin Early College High School

Preparing Students for a Globally Competitive 21st Century


Our History

Duplin Early College High School opened as the James Kenan School of Engineering in 2007 through the NC New Schools Project as a STEM school.  After a rough start, JKSE became DECHS in July of 2009.  Students now attend both DECHS and James Sprunt Community College.  In keeping with our motto, "excellence is the norm," DECHS received the label "Honor School of Excellence" this year for meeting AYP.  We continue to collaborate with parents, students, and educators to exceed our standards.

Our Mission

The mission of Duplin Early College High School is to produce college-ready students prepared for a globally competitive 21st century.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a nurturing environment where excellence is the norm.

Our Beliefs
We, the staff, families, and students at Duplin Early College High School all choose to be here because we are committed to the vision of the school.  Being a part of this community is intentional.
With the choice to become part of this exceptional community comes the responsibility to make it work every day.  We commit to true partnerships that enable us to transform our vision statement into our daily reality.
We are committed to success greater than just our own.  We understand that every action, positive and negative, ripples beyond us to influence our entire community.  We offer our strengths as support to others.
We believe that all students can be held to rigorous academic and community commitments while respecting individual differences.  The diversity of our community enriches our learning.
We believe that students who learn to use their minds effectively will make positive decisions for themselves.
Our school stands for effective change to ensure a quality education for all students.
Last Modified on May 12, 2010