• In Art 1 we learn about many diffrent mediums, skills, techniques and vocabualry. 


    There are supplies that are needed that will help you become better at diffrent skills

    If at all possible please gather these supplies if you already have them at home. 

    The Dollar store, Walmart/Target and Amazon have inexspensive supplies 

    Please contact me at my school email if getting supplies is a challenge, we have a limited quanity of extras that can be provided



    • Wooden #2 Pencil <Ticonderoga are the best
    • Fine and Ultra fine Black Permanent Markers <Sharpie are the best
    • Set of Colored Pencils <Crayola are the best
    • Scrissors < Dollar Store
    • Glue Stick < Dollar Store
    • Blank White paper or a Sketcbook <Dollar Store


Last Modified on August 9, 2020