Wallace-Rose Hill High School
    School Improvement Team
     Meeting Dates
    *All meetings will begin at 3:15 p.m. in the Room 11 unless otherwise announced 
    •  August 13, 2019
    •  September 24, 2019
    •  October 23, 2019
    •  November 20, 2019
    •  January 8, 2020
    •  January 22, 2020
    •  February 26, 2020
    •  March 25, 2020
    •  April 22, 2020 
    •  May 1, 2020
    •  June 3, 2020
    School Improvement Team Members
    Brittany Knowles, Co-Chairperson
    LaTerri Underwood, Co-Chairperson
    Timothy Jenkins, Principal
    Gary Brown, Assistant Principal
    D. J. Fussell, Assistant Principal
    Support Staff Representatives          
    Sylvia Goodnight (Guidance)
    Julie Davis (Media & Technology) 
    Instructional Staff Representatives 
    Katlyn Lancaster (English Dept)
    Michael Fisher (Math Dept.)
    Sumer Sandt (CTE Dept.)
    Thomas Naramore (Social Studies Dept)
    Cory Lovelace (H & PE Dept)
    Rita Baker (Science Dept)
    Shannon Gehen (Fine Arts Dept)
    Edith Sosa (Foreign Languages Department)
    Brian Nagel (Social Studies Dept)
    Rosaria Zapata (Math Dept)
    Gia McLeod (EC Dept - Chairman) 
    Student Representatives 
    Cameren Dalrymple - SGA President
    Parent Representatives 
    Edith Sosa
     *The School Improvement Team membership is a representative group of stakeholders - school administrators, instructional staff,instructional support staff, students and parents  selected by members of each academic department, the local school advisory board and the PARTNERSS (parent support group).  The membership was voted on by secret ballot on September 10, 2019.
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