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    Name:James Faulkner


    Grade/Subject:  7th  Grade ELA/Social Studies



    Happy Day Everybody!! 


    August 24th-28th 2020

    Please read the following information regarding ELA and Social Studies:

    1. I hope everyone is able to access the Canvas platform.  Please be sure you attempt to log into Canvas each day for both attendance and current class information.  Canvas can be accessed through NC Ed Cloud on the Duplin County Schools Webpage.  Student will need to enter both their username and password on NC Ed Cloud in order access Canvas.  (Note:  DPI is currently having issues with NC Ed. Cloud for today.  Please keep trying to log in)

    2.  Please attempt to join Google Meet for live contact with teacher each day.  There is a Google Meet Calendar handout located in your packet of information.  Our first google meet will be between 10:05-10:35 for various classes.  Blow is a link for the google meet calendar:



    3.  Please use ClassTag to contact teacher regarding any classroom questions or concerns.  Parents and students can sign up by using the purple sheet located in the handout sent home Tuesday.  


    Social Studies Resources:
    Study Island Website Program
    Topics of focus:
         The Interwar Years
         Cold War Era
         20th Century Human Rights
         International Organizations
         Interaction Between World Cultures
         Human Interaction w/ the Environment
         World Demographics
         Map Skills
         The Global Economy
         Personal Fin. Decisions
         Political Ideologies 
         Democracies and other forms of Government
         Citizenship Around the World
         Historical Thinking
         Interaction in the First Global Age
         Age of Revolution
         Impact of the Industrial Revolution
    Curriculum Review Videos found on You Tube for you to review at your convienience 
    Social Studies Resource:
    This geogrpaphy based website gives the following geographical information for you to read at your convienence:
    Various Countries
    ELA Resources
    Study Island
    Students may continue complete the following ELA topics for blue ribbon achievement:  Literary/Informational Text, Writing and Grammar
    Areas of Focus
         Textual Evidence in Lit.
         Inference in Lit.
         Summarize in Lit.
         Context Clues in Lit.
         Rhymes and other Repeating Sounds
         Structures in Lit.
         Character Perspectives
         Compare and Contrast in Lit.
         Textual Evidence in Info. Text
         Interences in Info. Text
         Central Ideas
         Summarize Info. Text
         Individuals, Events, and Ideas
         Context Clues in Info. Text
         Tech. Meaning
         Meaning and Tone in Info. Text
         Structure of Info. Text
         Point of View and Purpose of Info. Text
         Evaluate Arguements
         Compare and Contrast Info. Text
         Intro. Concluding Topics
         Organizing Ideas
         Support and Develope Topic
         Task, Purpose and Audience
         Formatting, Graphics, and Multimedia
         Precise Lang. and Sensory Details
         Conduct Research
         Quote and Paraphrase
         Cite Resources
         Subject and Verb Agreement
         Adjectives and Adverbs
         Commonly Confused Words
         Phrases and Clauses
         Mispelled and Dangling Modifiers
         Punctuation and Capitalization
    Parents will need to create an account (It's free) and you can selected varous reading passages based on the appropiate grade level.  You can also integrate various subjects withing reading content.  
    For additonal resouces and information regarding student packets containing grade-level based worksheets, please refer to the BES website.