• Making the Most of Your Teacher Webpage
    Lindsay Skidmore, DCS Instructional Technology Facilitator 
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    • Introductions
    • Objectives:
      • Participants will improve the overall quality of their teacher webpage by ensuring the site is organized, relevant, updated, and important to student learning through the use of various web page tools. 

    Webpage Overview:
      • Why do we even need a webpage? No one ever looks at these things!
      • Read the following article on the importance of a teacher webpage.
  • Relevance of Teacher Webpages

    Posted by LINDSAY SKIDMORE on 5/7/2015

    After reading the Edutopia article, "The Classroom Web Page: A Must-Have in 2008," which points presented seem even more relevant in your classroom today in 2015? 

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By Month

    •  Your teacher webpage is more than just a webpage. It is a content management system that integrates technology tools and information all in one place. It allows you to improve your communication with students, parents, staff, and community, while housing resources and tools your students need to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom walls.  
    Our website includes some unique features such as:
    • Publishing, editing, and modifying content
    • Role protecting content
    • Surveys and Forms
    • Calendars
    • Various Applications for the classroom, such as blogs, assignments app, file library, etc. 

    Working with the Basic Teacher Webpage:
    • Basic Rules for Teacher Webpage design

      • Teacher Homepage:
      Your teacher homepage is the place everyone goes when they want to know more about you, so make sure your webpage represents you well. 
      • Update your teacher homepage
      • Include picture, contact information, welcome message or current message
        • Changing the layout: 
        Customize your webpage to meet your needs by changing the layouts and adding applications.
          Layout Options  Applications
          One Column  Announcements 
          Two Column  Assignments 
          Three Column  Blog
          Left Sidebar  Book List
           Right Sidebar    Calendar
           Left & Right Sidebar File Library 
           Two Column Right Sidebar  Headlines & Features
             Link Library
             Lunch Menu
             Maps & Directions
             Photo Gallery
            Upcoming Events 
            Document Viewer App 
             Embed Code App
          The classroom calendar page is a great way to improve parental involvement and increase communication. It also provides your students with a visual guide of the events that are coming up. Parents can subscribe to your calendar page and be notified every time an event has been added or modified.  
          ** Tip: Use the Upcoming Events App to add visual reminder for students about event on other pages. 
          Assignments page or app allows you to easily ensure that parents and students always know the homework assignments, so you no longer have to hear the dreaded phrase, "I didn't know I had homework."
                   ** Tip: Have your parents subscribe to your page to get e-alerts when you update pages or assignments.  Parent Directions
          Use a link library page to provide neat and organized links for resources and websites to improve your students' learning.  It also allows you to provide your students with safe, reliable, customized resource list for students to use during research projects.

          Add Pages to your Website to Meet Your Classroom Needs:
          Your website allows you to create as many pages as necessary to ensure that you are able to create a blended learning environment for your students.  You can even create subpages that allow you to customize pages for the various subjects or classes in which you teach. 


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