• Duplin Career Academies
    STEM Camp 2017- Bridging Middle to High School Academy Programs

    Duplin County Schools, in partnership with James Sprunt Community College (JSCC), offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced credits through participation in career academies.  Career academies are organized as small learning communities combining academic and career technical education courses into career themed curricula.  Students enrolling in the academies complete high school graduation requirements while having the opportunity to take community college courses during their junior and senior years of high school.  Proper course selections, as well as sustained academic progress, enables students the opportunity to take prescribed community college courses while in high school. 

    Duplin Academies: 

    • Agribusiness Academy (5 Pathways)
    • Computer Information Technology Academy (2 Pathways)
    • Health Sciences Academy (3 Pathways)  
    • Leadership Academy
    • Teacher Academy 
    • Diesel Tech Academy (2 Pathways)

    Duplin Career Academy Components:


    -Several classes or disciplines offered primarily to academy students

    -A team of teachers focused on the mission of the academy program

    -Voluntary enrollment by students who wish to focus on their chosen academy course of study

    -Opportunities for academy students to engage in elective courses and other school activities

    -Summer enrichment programs aligned to the goals of the career academies

    -An opportunity for academy students to complete graduation requirements in four years and take courses for college credit while in high school

    The mission of Duplin Career Academies is to provide students with seamless educational opportunities in various career fields and to challenge students with advanced curricula that will enhance their career goals. 
    Special Programs Available:
    • Job Shadowing
    • Mentoring
    • Career Development and Work-based learning Activities
    • STEM Summer Camp-Bridges middle to high school academy programs  
Last Modified on July 19, 2017