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    Welcome to the Center of Opportunity
     The Center of Opportunity was established to provide quality education in an alternative learning environment.  The alternative program offered by the Center of Opportunity promotes discipline and academics to accommodate students who are willing to refocus and continue their educational progress.  Each student will have the opportunity to learn in a small classroom setting with instruction provided by dedicated and highly certified teachers.  
    Together we will create a challenging, rewarding, and safe learning environment. This handbook provides basic information about policies and procedures. We ask that parents/guardians and students familiarize themselves with this handbook as well as the Duplin County handbook provided by the home school. Refer to these guidelines and procedures as they will be enforced consistently by all Center of Opportunity staff. We look forward to working with you and your family as you progress forward meeting your academic and personal goals.
    The Center of Opportunity
    “Soaring to Higher Heights”
    Our Vision
    The vision of the Center of Opportunity is to foster a safe and positive learning environment that recognizes the importance of varying abilities, learning styles, diverse cultures, parental involvement, and the importance of increasing student achievement. 
    Our Mission
    The mission of the Center of Opportunity is to provide at-risk students with the opportunity to acquire academic and behavioral skills that will lead to a successful return to their regular schools and reach the goal of high school graduation.
    Our Belief
    We believe our students will have opportunities to learn through the acquisition of academic and behavioral skills.  The varying needs of our students will be assessed and met thus assuring students’ successful return to their regular schools and receiving a high school diploma.
    Our competent and caring faculty and staff are provided with leadership, support, and research-based professional development opportunities that promote effective and positive outcomes for all students.  We believe monitoring students’ academic performance on a daily basis increases achievement.  The promotion of parental and community involvement created a strong support mechanism for our students.
    Extracurricular Participation
    Students assigned to the Center of Opportunity will not be allowed to attend or participate in extracurricular activities at their home schools. This includes but is not limited to: athletic teams and events, the prom, graduation ceremonies, Duplin County Academic Celebration, field trips at the home school, fine arts performances, and club activities and competitions.
    Parent Involvement
    Parents play important roles in the progress of students assigned to the Center of Opportunity. They are kept abreast of their children's progress through participation in the staffing committee meetings where students are accountable for the educational and behavioral goals developed at the onset of their matriculation in the alternative program. Parents are involved in setting initial goals and participate in assessment activities.
    Character Education
    The character education program at the Center of Opportunity is based on "Project Wisdom." Students complete daily journals that aim to improve areas associated with character education. Strong emphasis is placed on family values and community involvement. The welfare and progress of each student are evident in the staffing meetings where community agencies, school staff members, and home school representatives interact to obtain a complete picture of student needs and achievement.  In addition, the Center of Opportunity uses Dr. Sanford Danzinger’s Totally Responsible Person Program to enhance and develop student’s character.  
    The Instructional Day 
    The instructional day at the Center of Opportunity begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 
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