• iPads in the ESL Classroom


    Introduction & iPad Initiative 

    iPad Overview & Basics

    iPad Applications

    • Available Apps
    iPad Information to Review with Parents & Students
    • Anatomy of the iPad (Diagram and Info is included in the iPad Care & Use Guide)
    • Connect to WiFi
    • Safari - Internet Browser
    • Rosetta Stone App
    • DuoLingo
    • Google Translate
    • Gmail App (middle & high school students)
    • Google Drive (middle & high school students) 
    iPad Basics
    • Opening/Closing Apps
    • View recently used apps
    • Zooming in or out
    • Multitasking Gestures
    • Screen Orientation
    • Screen Brightness
    • Spotlight Search
    • WiFi
    • General
    • Spotlight Search
    • Accessibility
    • Keyboard
    Standard Apps
    • Notes
    • Split keyboard
    • Undock keyboard
    • Change keyboard
    • Caps Lock
    • Special characters
    • Safari
    • Reading List
    • Bookmarks
    • Reader View
    • Speech to Text
    • Define
    • Camera 



    iPad Apps for the Classroom

    Destiny & Follett eBooks

    • Destiny - destiny.duplinschools.net 
    • Follett eBooks - BryteWave 
    Interactive whiteboard & mind-mapping apps
    • Interactive whiteboard apps can be used to...
    • Create lessons for the flipped classroom
    • Explain steps to solve a math problem
    • Label the parts of a diagram, photo, etc.
    • Create and tell a story
    • Brainstorming/Mind-mapping apps can be used to...
    • Brainstorm a word, topic, etc.
    • Create a graphic organizer
    • Plan a story or project
    • Chalktalk
    Popplet & Lino

    Digital Storytelling

    Digital storytelling in the classroom... 

    • Develops creativity and critical thinking
    • Gives shy students and those that are afraid to speak in class an opportunity to share whats on their mind 
    • Promotes the notions of life long learning and independent learning
    • Helps students explore the meaning of their own experience, give value to it, and communicate that experience with others
    • Reflective process that helps students reflect upon their learning and find deep connections with the subject matter
    • Develops proficiency with multimedia applications 
    Apps for digital storytelling
    • Story Creator
    • iMovie 





Last Modified on November 12, 2014