North Carolina School Of Science And Mathematics
    (Interactive Videoconference)

    According to our Distance Education Faculty: "A successful distance learner is ................ "

    • enthusiastic about the subject matter

    • willing to learn and is motivated to study

    • a responsible independent learner - requires maturity and self-motivation

    • interested in making connections to their own lives

    • confident enough to speak up! -not shy about asking questions when they don't understand
      (including outside of class) and volunteering
      ideas and solutions when responses are solicited by
      the teacher in a very public and uncomfortab
      le (at least initially) forum

    • willing to take "learning risks" including sharing work over the air or to engage in hands-on
      classroom activities that he
      /she might not feel comfortable with

    • hard-working and takes pride in doing excellent work - student is willing and has the time
      available to prepare carefully before class and to complete their homework assignments
      , about 30
      minutes a night

    • self-disciplined and has the study skills (including time management) necessary to learn without
      the physica
      l presence of the instructor

      • one who has the prerequisite preparation for the course

    • able to use basic PC technology - e.g. search for academically appropriate web sites, add
      attachments to emails, navigate web sites, ma
      rk favorite sites

    • honest - many times students are trusted to complete their own work and to NOT share their
      work on various assignments

      • patient with technology - it breaks, sometimes often

    • respectful of the other students in their 'joint" classroom (especially in the multi-school courses)
      and show understanding of the problems othe
      r sites have, knowing that their site will have their
      own problems eventually

      • willing and able to come to all classes! - it's very hard to make up missed DE classes

      • able to pay attention to a monitor

      • able to work without letting other students distract them

Last Modified on August 13, 2021