• Claiming Student NCEdCloud Accounts
    K-5 Students:
     Teachers will supply K-5 students with their username and password.  Please view the video below to see how to access your student usernames and passwords.

    6-12 Students: 
    Students in grade 6-12 will claim their own NCEdCloud accounts.  Students will need to know their Student ID number, Grade, Birthdate, and LEA Code.  
    Students will follow the instructions below:
    1. Go to my.ncedcloud.org.
    2. Select Claim Account at the bottom.                 Claim Account Button
    3. On the Claim Account Policies screen, change the setting to LEA Student Claim Policy.    LEA Student Claim Policy
    4. Select Next.
    5. On the Step 1 screen:  Step 1 Screen
      • Enter the Student ID number (PowerSchool Number) for Student UID
      • Enter Grade Level
      • Enter Birthday in the format of YYYYMMDD with no dashes or slashes.
      • Enter LEA Code
      • Select the box that says "I'm not a robot".
    6. Select Next.  (If the "Next" button does not work (remains "grayed out") then the information entered is either in the wrong format (such as birthdate) or may be incorrect in PowerSchool.
    7. On the Step 2 screen, you will need to create a password meet the following criteria:
      • Between 8-16 characters long
      • Minimum of one uppercase character
      • Minimum of one lowercase character
      • Minimum of one numeric digit
      • Password must NOT contain - Username, First Name, Last Name, Spaces, Start or end with 
    8. Enter the password in the New Password field.
    9. Verify the password by re-entering it in the Verify Password field. 
    10. Select Next.
    11. On the Step 3 screen, you will need to answer 5 or more of the security questions presented.
    12. Select Next
    13. The following screen should confirm the completion of the claiming account process.

    Student Access to NCEdCloud Account:
    Students may follow the instructions below to access their NCEdCloud accounts:
    1. Go to duplinschools.net.
    2. Select the NCEdCloud IAM button.     NCEdCloud IAM
    3. Select NCEdCloud IAM Teacher/Student/Administrator Portal button.  NCEdCloud IAM Teacher/Student/Administrator Portal
    4. Enter Student ID number (PowerSchool number) in NCEdCloud Username field.
    5. Enter the password in the Password Field
    6. Select Login.