• 8th Grade Mathematics

    • 8th Grade Standards:  Updated NCSCOS.  These are the standards to be taught starting in the 2018 school year.
    • K-8 Crosswalk/Comparison Document:  This document has a side-by-side comparison of our old standards and new standards.  This is the document you can use to see all of the changes in standards. 
    • K-8 Major Revisions At-A-Glance:  This document is a quick view of the major changes in our standards; it does not include all changes, refer to the crosswalk document to see all of the changes in our standards.
    • Unpacking Documents:  Helps unpack and understand the expectations of each standard.  Includes clarifications and sample question items (does not mean these are the only types of questions that fit that standard, just gives samples).  This is your go-to place for understanding the standard.  Would encourage you to always have these available when lesson planning and working within your PLCs.
    • Major Work of K-8 Math: Short and sweet document stating the major work of each grade level.  I encourage you to not only look the major work of the grade level you teach, but also the grade level before and after.


    Pacing and Curriculum
    • Pacing Guide:  A quick view of what is to be covered approximately each quarter.  The standards appear in order to be taught, not necessarily in numerical order.  It follows the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum we will be using.
    • Illustrative Mathematics - Open Up:  This school year we will be utilizing Illustrative Mathematics as our curriculum.  You can access the regular version here. The NC specific version will be available through Canvas and in print.  This program fosters mathematics literacy for all students; building conceptual understanding to understand the abstract.




Last Modified on January 22, 2019