• Core-Plus Mathematics

     Core-Plus Mathematics is a textbook that uses an integrated, investigative approach to mathematics.  Core-Plus is a student-centered program that promotes active learning, teamwork, and communication.  Through problem solving and reasoning, students bring math to life in real life context.  Students will be reading, writing, thinking, and talking in every class, every day.
    Their website, here, contains numerous resources for teachers and parents to assist in implementing Core-Plus.
    CPMP-Tools, can be accessed by everyone for free.  CPMP-Tools provides everyone with access to technology rich activities around graphing, statistics, geometry, etc.  This tool is aligned with the textbook and provides numerous opportunities for students to "play" with math.
    Typically teachers grade using a rubric because of the nature of the work students are doing with Core-Plus, the rubric can be accessed, here.