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    Rebekah H. Ivey
    Career Development Coordinator/Special Populations Coordinator
    James Kenan High School ~ 910-293-2097 ~ rivey@duplinschools.net

    The Career Development Coordinator (CDC) supports the Career and Technical Education department and works collaboratively with administrators, student services personnel, teachers, parents, business/industry, postsecondary institutions, military, community organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of career development services for students.  CDC's promote career awareness, exploration, and planning.  The role of the CDC also includes facilitating the work-based learning opportunities (job shadowing, internships, co-op education, etc...)

    The Special Populations Coordinator (SPC) supports the Career and Technical Education department through identifying students within special populations each semester who are taking any CTE courses and providing support to those CTE teachers with possible teaching strategies.  SPC's also work with each student who is considered Special Pops on developing, implementing, and monitoring their Career Development Plan.  The role of the SPC also includes collaborating with other service providers to assist the members of special populations in academic, social, and personal development.

    The mission of Career and Technical Education is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy.  The CTE program areas we offer, here at James Kenan, are Agricultural Education, Automotive Service, Business, Finance, & Information Technology Education, Carpentry, Electrical Trades, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, and Health Sciences Education. We also have Career and Technical Student Organizations that are active at James Kenan.  They are Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), and Future Farmers of America (FFA).  

    Announcements & Information:

    • Are you interested in being a part of the summer hospital volunteer program at Vidant Duplin Hospital?  Please see me for more information!


    • Are you a senior who is a serious job-seeker?  The Duplin County Job Fair will be held April 21 from 11:00-1:30 at James Sprunt Community College.  Please see me for more details!


    • The month of February was Career and Technical Education month!  One way of highlighting our CTE programs is through the program “Duplin County WORKS.”  Each letter in the word WORKS has a special meaning related to Career and Technical Education.  Each teacher was able to recognize students who best exhibited each of the work-ready traits.  The following students were our WORKS week award winners:

    W (Well-Trained: A well-trained student is one who is helpful, willing to learn, and works well with others). - Gabriel Avitia, Laken Boone, Genesis Corea Hernandez, Jade Emanuel, Joshua Fish, Ethan Garcia, Aaliyah Graham, Erick Marquez-Enamorado, Isaiah Melvin, Randy Olivares Bonilla, Luis Ramos, Stephanie Rodriguez, Ieshia Williams, Kevin Zelaya Meran, 

    O (Optimistic: An optimistic student is one who has a positive attitude, is friendly, and enjoys his/her work). - Emma Avent, Teyonia Brinson, TKeysha Brinson, Gregory Davis, Fallon Lanier, Anjel Martinez, Gernyla Miller, Osman Morroquin Aleman, Alyssa Powell, Emma Revelle, Jonathan Rozalez Cardenas, Adrian Santoyo Capistran, Ieshia Williams, Harley Wilson, 

    R (Reliable:  A reliable student is on time, dependable, and prepared for class). -  Jose Avendano-Perez, Jennifer Borja Hernandez, Jake Tyson Bostic, Jacob Dalrymple, Jade Emanuel, Diego Garcia, Gael Guardado Corona, Rey Ramon Hernandez, Ananda Hill, Lomar Jasso, Jeleiny Midence,  Alison Trejo Mendieta, Joshua Blake Tucker, Michael Venecia, 

    K (Knowledgeable:  A knowledgeable student is one who works independently, is goal oriented, and focuses on career and personal development). - Jaylen Barden, Maria Benitez, Rey Borja, Kyah Brown, Tristan Diaz, Luis Funes, Ara Gomez, Siana James, Wynston Kornegay, Daniela Lopez-Orozco, Emma Revelle, Jose Romero, Brenda Serrano, 

    S (Sincere: A sincere student is one who is honest, genuine, and respectful of others). - Amber Atkinson, N’Jae Bines, Antonio Carbajal-Rojo, Leonor Castaneda, Jasmin Diaz, Daniel Grady, Aaliyah Graham, Samantha Gutierrez, Paul Hairre, Lincoln Meza Ochoa, Alfred Rogers III, Ana Sanchez, Kyara Stevens, Caliyah Walters

    Congratulations to each student recognized for honors throughout the week.  Be proud that you possess these traits.

    • Virtual Mini-Medical School program.  This is a live, online program that includes: anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, cardiology, epidemiology, health careers roundtable, guest speakers, etc...  The program is every Thursday afternoon (4-6 pm) from March 3 - March 31.  The cost is $50.00, which includes materials. You can register on this website:https://www.wakeahec.org/CourseCatalog/HC_courseinfo.asp?cr=6154  Please see Mrs. Ivey with any questions.

    • Please see the following links for more information about the LIFT program and the Transformational Scholars program at North Carolina State University. 
    • WORKKEYS/SENIORS:  Testing will take place in March/April for Seniors. We will use the WIN SYSTEM to review for the assessment.  If you are required to take the test, you will receive an email from Mrs. Ivey with information about how to use the WIN system.  Let me know if you have questions. 

    • Careeronestop.org is a great place to visit to explore careers and the training needed for each career.  Click here to access the website!

    • Please check out this great career development resource through NCVPS:  https://ncvps.org/iworkncvirtual/
    • Most of you should be familiar with Xello, the online website where you register for classes each year.  You can access the Xello website by going through your NC EdCloud (where you go to access SchoolNet).  Using this resource, you can complete career exploration activities.  Once you go to the Xello site, there are three sections "About Me," "Explore Options," and "Goals & Plans."  Please take time to complete some of the activities in the "About Me" and "Explore Options" section.  In the "About Me" section, there is a matchmaker activity where you answer questions about yourself and it matches you with specific careers.  There is also a personality styles activity and a learning styles activity.  Many of you completed these activities in 8th grade, but it would be great to complete them again and see how/if your interests have changed over the years.  In the "Explore Options" section, you can find out more information on many different careers as well as information pertaining to colleges and majors.  Please DO NOT go into the "Goals & Plans" portion of this website.  This is where our counselors go to work with course registration for each year. Please take advantage of this free resource to find out more information about careers and colleges.  IF YOU NEED ANY HELP ACCESSING THIS SITE, PLEASE EMAIL ME!  I WILL BE GLAD TO HELP!

    • This activity is called "Reality Check."  It is a budgeting activity.  Seniors, you participated in the "Reality of Money" event back in September that State Employees Credit Union put on for us.  This activity is much like that event.  Please follow the directions listed below.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or have any issues getting on the website.  This is a great activity and I hope you will check it out.  https://nccareers.org/  Once at the website, scroll down to find "Reality Check."  Follow the instructions it gives you.

    • If you are interested in the area of Soil Science, please click here to view a recent interview with Kirk Bell, General Manager at Waters Agricultural Laboratories right here in Warsaw.  Then, see this video to view a PH Testing demonstration from Waters Agricultural Laboratories.

    • Please view these videos from Nash Johnson & Sons' regarding careers within their company.

    • If you are interested in a career in poultry science, food science, or agriculture, please see the following video.

    • Click this link for job search tips from zippia.com.

      -Murphy Family Ventures is hiring:  Please visit their website www.murphyfamilyventures.com\careers or contact John Wesley Hairr, Recruiter directly at 910-285-7036 or jwhairr@murfam.com. 
      -Bay Valley Foods is hiring:  Please click here for more information:  
      Bay Valley Internship Information 
      Bay Valley Information Brochure

    • Please see the documents below for activities about employability skills.  We often call this soft skills, as well.  The following activities discuss writing a resume and cover letter, how to fill out a job application, interview quetions, how to dress appropriately for the job, workplace communication, and how to write a thank you note. 

    Employability Skills Instructions
    Cover Letter Information
    Cover Letter Information 2
    Sample Cover Letter
    Writing a Resume
    Job Application Form
    Interview Questions
    Professional Dress/Appearance
    Workplace Communication
    Thank you Notes