• Canvas Challenge  
    We are excited to announce the learning management system (LMS) Canvas. We encourage any teachers that embrace digital learning & teaching and the blended learning environment in their classroom to check out Canvas. This LMS connects all of the digital tools and resources that you may use into one simple place. Canvas is designed for K-12 teachers and students. 
    If you are interested in exploring Canvas, you can complete the Canvas Challenge course on your own time or through various professional development offerings. In the Canvas Challenge course, you will receive an overview of how to utilize Canvas in your classroom, while completing assignments and challenges.  This will allow teachers to self-pace their Canvas training while being able to experience Canvas from a student perspective as well. The course has a basic overview section and then 10 short challenge assignments. The entire course is approximately 2.5 instructional hours and can be done in one sitting or multiple sittings. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive 0.25 CEUs of general credits. 

    To Sign Up for the course:

    1. Go to My Learning Plan
    2. View the District Catalog
    3. Sign Up Now for the Canvas Challenge Course
    4. Once you have Signed up you are ready to start.
    If you have any questions or would like additional information about Canvas, please contact Lindsay Skidmore (lskidmore@duplinschools.net) or Lindsay Ginn (lginn@duplinschools.net)
Last Modified on June 22, 2018