Counselor Professional Development - November 19, 2015
    Cumulative Folders, Counselor Websites, Counselor Conference, Gateway to Graduation
    Design Principle Alignment: Personalization, Ready for College, Leadership

    1. Bright Spots
    2. Cumulative Folder Update
      • Group A: WMS, KES, BFG, WRH
        Group B: EES, EDHS, BES, WARE
        Group C: JKHS, WALE, CES, CMS
        Group D: DECHS, NDJS, RHM, NDE, Ren. Ctr.
    3. Website Design
    4. NC School Counselor Association Annual Conference Review
    5. Gateway to Graduation Program Overview
    Other Items of Importance:
    • Ally Training on February 24 - Register in the MLP District Catalog
    • To consider for eligibility for a student under Section 504, the following question must be answered:
      • Does a student have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity or major bodily function?
    • Send annual, updated 504 Plans to Shannon Smith at Central Office
    • College and Career Readiness Lessons Check-In