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    Helpful Links
    Instructions:  Click on the blue links below to go to these helpful and or informative websites. 
    1)    Study Island    -  This website is useful for students who would like to review the 8th grade science curriculum, as well as, earn extra credit.  
    3)    The Why Files  -   An online science magazine for students.  
    4)     Sci Show  -  A series of science-related videos on youtube.
    5)     The Science Channel - You'll love this awesome website with video and articles to answer all your science questions.
     6)    8th Grade Science Vocabulary - Click this link to study all the key vocabulary terms for 8th grade science.
    7)    8th Grade Review Booklet  - This is an excellent review packet that was created by a teacher in the Alamance-Burlington School System. 
    8)   DPI periodic table  - This links you to the Periodic Table that students will use on their 8th Grade Science EOG.
    10)   Quizlet - This link opens the document that contains all the links to the Quizlet classes.  Click on your class's link to review 8th grade science vocabulary.   
    11) LearnEd Notebooks - This link will go to the login page for all our learned notebooks we've completed during the school year.  See the teacher for the student password.
Last Modified on April 7, 2020