• Utilizing Digital Tools for Common Instructional Framework & Formative Assessments with Limited Student Devices
    Lindsay Ginn & Lindsay Skidmore 

    Welcome & Introductions 
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    • Silent I.D.:
      1. On your piece of paper, write words or draw pictures that describes yourself without talking.
      2. Pin paper to your chest and walk around the room and look at each other without talking.
      3. Try to remember each picture and person.
    Today's Meet is a great tool to allow students to provide input or ask questions without having to interrupt current discussion or allowing the timid student a chance to provide input.
    We will use Today's Meet to post comments, questions, or suggestions as we go through our session today. 

    Learning Targets & Success Criteria
     Goals: Keep your Goals in Sight
    • Learning Targets:
      • Teachers will understand the CIF strategies & formative assessment and their importance in guiding student learning.
      • Teachers will be able to utilize various tech tools to integrate CIF & formative assessment in their classroom.

    • Success Criteria:
      •  I can create formative assessments that address the learning objectives.
      • I can analyze the data collected from formative assessments to drive my instruction.
      • I can use CIF strategies to increase student engagement in my lessons.

    Effective Instructional Technology Integration Practices
    • What is TPACK?  
    Place your cursor over each target to read additional information about each of the domains of the TPACK model.  The target in the middle of the diagram links to a video explaining the TPACK model.  Watch this video before completing the TPACK activity below. You may also want to reference the following article for additional information on TPACK. 
    •  TPACK Ball
    Here is an overview of TPACK Ball:
      •  Below you will find a link to a Google Doc with a three column table.  The "C" column list contains different basic content area (ELA, MA, SS, SCI, etc.). The "P" column list pedagogical strategies (collaborative learning, PBL, differentiation, KWL, semantic mapping, etc.).  The "T" column list technological strategies.
      • You will add one item to each of the three columns.
      • We will be tossing a "C" ball, "P" ball, and "T" ball to 3 different people.
      • If you catch the ball, please select a corresponding item from the column below; or come up with your own!
      • The remainder of the group will provide feedback on the effectiveness of the approach to support student learning.

    • Things to Keep in Mind Today...
      • Set Boundaries
        • Time Limits
        • Choose 2 to 3 to implement at a time
      • Ask for Help
        • Identify the FAQ & Help sections for each tool
        • Join the community of users
      • Passwords
        • Create someway to keep up with them all - use Google sign in if possible
        • Document

    So What is CIF (Common Instructional Framework)?

    Formative Assessment in My Classroom
    • What is formative Assessment? 
    •  Success Criteria for Formative Assessment 
    Now decided on some success criteria that you think is necessary to accomplish in the classroom in order for formative assessment to be successful.

    How Does the Technology Fit Into All of This? 
    • Technology provides fun interactive tools that allows your students to become more engaged when completing formative assessments or lesson activities.
    • Tech tools help you as a teacher quickly assess the learning needs of your students, so that you can quickly adapt instruction.
    • Allows you to provide activities that do not limit students to just the materials within your classroom or school.
    • But we don't have a device for each student every day...
      • BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology - students are able to bring devices to school and access our guest network
      • Small collaborative groups
      • Stations
      • Individual assignments 
    • Tech Tool: Collaborative Boards 


    Interactive Video Tools
    • Interactive video tools allow you to take a video and add an interactive elements such as questions, polling, annotation, etc. to ensure that students are engaged with the video content. 
    • Challenge: 
    In pairs, you will investigate one of the video tools listed below.
    TEDEd      Zaption     PlayPoseIt    EDpuzzle
      1. Create an account and use this Youtube video to create an interactive lesson using your video tool.
      2. Try to add all of the interactive elements of your video tool.
      3. Then add to our tech tool list to share the pros & cons of your tool.
      4. Whole Group Share

    Space Race
    In teams of two, we will play a review game using Socrative.
    Click here to begin. 

    Utilizing Quiz Tools for Formative Assessment
    • Quiz tools are a great way to conduct quick formative assessments. 
    •  Challenge:
    1. Think about an upcoming lesson/unit & the learning objectives of that lesson/unit.
    2. Create a formative assessment quiz using one of the quiz tools below. It could be a pre-assessment, during lesson assessment, or post assessment, exit ticket, etc.
    3. Add to our tech tool list.
    4. Then check out one other quiz tool to create another formative assessment activity. Remember to keep the CIF strategies in mind as you develop your activities.
    • Quiz Tools Overviews:
      • Socrative  Socrative - App & web-based for students and teachers

      • Quizalize  Quizalize - web-based for students and teachers
      • Edueto   Edueto - web-based for students and teachers
      • Plickers  Plickers - App based for teacher and no device need for students
      • Kahoot!  Kahoot - web-based for students and teachers

    Writing Tools
    • Writing is a powerful tool in the classroom. It allows students to articulate their thoughts and ideas and think critically about how they present them. It also allows us as teacher to gain great insight on our students so that we can adjust our instruction to meet their needs. 
    • Challenge: 
    1. Explore the writing tools below and create a  story, poster, or blog posting of your choice. It could be just a humorous example or actual lesson content that you intend to use with your students.
    2. Add to our tech tool list.
    3. Whole group share
    • Thinglink  Thinglink - web-based tool for teachers and students
    • PiktoChart  Picktochart - web-based tool for teachers and students
    •  Storybird  Storybird - web-based tool for teachers and students

    • BookTrack Classroom  Booktrack Classroom - web-based tool for teachers & students
    • Canva   Canva - web-based tool for teachers and students

    Creation iPad Apps (Optional)

    Creation apps can be used for a lot of purposes in the classroom. They make great low stakes tools that you can use to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback. 

    • Challenge: 
      • For this activity, we are going have a little fun with some creation apps! Below are a list of various creation apps for the iPads. Complete 1 of the tasks listed below using your choice of creation apps listed.



          • What is your favorite things?
          • Who is your hero?
          • What is your educational background?
          • What would you sing at Karaoke night?
          • What is your favorite book?
          • What your favorite thing about being a teacher?
          • What would you do if you won the lottery?
          • What is your favorite holiday?


    • Creation Apps:
      • Doodle Buddy
      • Skitch
      • PicKids
      • Tellagami
      • Chatterkids
      • Adobe Voice


    Interactive Assignment Tools
    • Challenge: 
        • Think about an upcoming lesson/unit and the learning objectives of that lesson/unit. Create one of the following assessments using one of the apps/tools listed below. 
          • pre-assessment
          • entrance ticket/ball ringer
          • mid-unit/lesson check point
          • exit ticket
          • discussion
          • quiz
          • visual assessment
          • written or verbal reflection
          • brainstorm
          • graphic organizer
          • summarization 
        • Add to our tech tool list
        • Whole group share

    • Classkick   - Classkick is iPad App for students and teachers

    • Formative   - Formative  is web-based for students and teachers

    • Wizer.me   Wizer.me - web-based for students and teachers

    Wrap Up
    •  The Curse of Knowledge:
    We have a tendency to underestimate how long it will take another person to learn something new or preform a task that we have already mastered.
     Assessment of/for learning

     Please complete the following evaluation to share your thoughts on today's session.
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