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    Lindsay Ginn & Lindsay Skidmore 

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    • Silent I.D.:
      1. On your piece of paper, write words or draw pictures that describes yourself without talking.
      2. Pin paper to your chest and walk around the room and look at each other without talking. 
      3. Try to remember each picture and person. 
    •  Questions, Answers, & Comments - Today's Meet
    Today's Meet is a great tool to allow students to provided input or ask questions without having to interrupt current discussion or allowing the timid student a chance to provide input.
    Today's Meet  
    We will use Today's Meet to post comments, questions, or suggestions as we go through our session today. 

    Learning Targets & Success Criteria
    • Learning Targets:
      • Teachers will understand how to utilize the digital resources for lesson planning and instructional resources in the classroom.
      • Teachers will understand how students can utilize the digital resources for their own learning in the classroom.
    • Success Criteria:
      • I can locate and utilized high quality educational resources to support my instruction and student learning.
      • I can utilize resource lists in Destiny to support my instruction and student learning.
      • I can develop Safari Montage playlists to support student learning inside and outside of the classroom.

    Today's Challenge
    Think about an upcoming unit/lesson that you will be covering that you or your students will need instructional resources. Throughout today, as you search and explore the resources available, compose a list of resources that you can use for the unit/lesson. 

     Follett Destiny
    •  Challenge: Create a resource list in Destiny that includes the following. (Include the content standards addressed in the resource list description).
      •  3-5 print titles on different reading levels
      •  1-2 eBook titles on different reading levels
      •  2-3 WebPath Express/Website resources
      •  1-2 OneSearch Database resources
      •  1-2 Safari Montage videos


    NCWise Owl
    • Challenge: NCWise Owl Resource List
      •  3-5 text-based sources (encyclopedia, magazine, journal, newspaper, etc.) the resources should be on various Lexile or reading levels.
      •  2 related images from AP images or other source
      •  1 video from PBS NC Live Video Collection
      •  1 eBook from EBSCO eBook Collection

    Safari Montage
    • Challenge:Create a playlist in Safari Montage using a variety of resources available.
      • Include a segmented video
      • Include a resources uploaded to the Modules Tab from Destiny or NCWiseOwl
      • Import section from Safari HD Network

    Schoolnet Instructional Materials
    • Challenge: Explore the Instructional Materials available in Schoolnet, and add to My Materials:
      • a lesson plan
      • Resources
      • Instructional Unit
      • Assessment

    Wrap Up
    "Why use all of these digital resources when students can just Google?"

    Please complete the following evaluation to provide us with feedback on today's session. 

    AirServer Resources
Last Modified on April 12, 2016