• Digital Teaching & Learning Committee 
     June 14, 2016


    • Welcome
    • Introductions
    • Digital T&L Committee Overview 
    • Objective: 
    Today’s goal is to develop suggestions and ideas for strategies that our district needs to put in place to reach the target goals for each area established by the state.

    Digital Learning Plan Rubric: 


    Focus Area Groups:
    • Each Focus Area Group will develop a list of strategies and evaluation methods for each strategic priority area. 
    •  Focus Area Group Assignments:
    Focus Area  Participants
    Kristen Hall
    Tarla Smith 
    Laura Thornton 
     Technology & Infrastructure
    Jason Ginn
    Lindsay Skidmore 
    Lee Woodard 
    Professional Learning 
    Janice Wynn
    Marilyn Kennedy
    Shanique Murphy 
     Content & Instruction
    Rachel Manning
    Dannie Sue Foster 
    Tabitha Smith 
    Denise Humphries 
    Ashton Ballard 
    Data & Assessment 
    Scott Ballard
    Lindsay Ginn 
    Morgan Lloyd 

    Whole Group Discussion:

    • Review suggestions of each Focus Area Group 
    • Provide feedback, suggestions, or modifications


     Thank you for your time and input on the DCS Digital Learning Plan. We will share with you a clean draft of the DCS Digital Learning Plan for your approval.
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