Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Renee Arevalo

Name: Renee Arevalo
Subject(s): OCS Biology, OCS Applied Science, OCS Algebra I (Math I) , and OCS Intro to Math 
Credentials: Associate Degree (CCCC) - Liberal Arts
                     Bachelor of Science Degree (Campbell University) - Psychology
                     Teacher Certification (East Carolina University) - Special Education
                     Graduate Degree (Jones International University) - Instructional Technology
Welcome to my Webpage!!!!!!!!!
I hope that everyone is having a great year!  All of my classes are taught in collaboration with North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS).  This means that the students will have an online teacher (as well as a face-to-face teacher; me) that will place a big majority of their notes, assignments, activities, and assessments on the VPS website.  They will have access to laptops for this use within my classroom. It is worth noting that each student will be assigned a specific laptop for which they will be responsible for.  Should anything happen to their laptop at the expense of their carelessness, then the old rule of "you damage it, you buy it" will apply.  I do understand that accidents happen, and should some damage be done to the laptops that is deemed an "accident" they will certainly not be held responsible for that. 
I require that each student show up to class each day with a pen or pencil, paper, and a readiness to work. There is always a lot of material to cover each day and it helps to cut down on time wasted if they are prepared. 
 If anyone should ever have any questions, concerns, or comments that they would like to speak with me about, please feel free to contact me at my school email.
I hope that everyone has a BLESSED day!!! 
Mrs. Arevalo
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