• General Class Information 



               100-90 = A

                89-80   = B 

                79-70  = C 

                69 -60 = D 

                <60     = F


    **Class Procedures-

    • All assignments & materials will be located in Canvas.
    • Each week, on Monday morning, a new module will open. Each module has all of your assignments for the week. Some assignments require you to use other learning platforms, if that is the case the links will be provided. 
    • Live Sessions will be held each Tuesday and Thursday. 
    • You will be given daily check-in assignments to keep you on track.
    • In the event that you do not have internet access, you will need to contact me as soon as possible so a paper packet can be prepared. 
    • YOU MUST USE your duplinschools email account in order to access Canvas. 
    • Checking your school email account is vital to being successful in this course. 

    **Due Dates- 

    • My expectation and hope is that you will be able to complete assignments each day, just like in school.  However, if circumstances arise that prevent that from time to time, you’ll not be penalized for late work until Monday of the following week at midnight. So each module you will have one week to complete. 
    • Please use your time wisely and stay ahead of schedule.


    **Behavioral Expectations for Live Sessions/Google Meets-

    • Always mute your microphone upon entering the session. 
    • Think about your background.  Choose a clean wall/area in your home.
    • When you have a question (and I hope you will), you’ll type “have a question” in the chat; I’ll call on you to unmute and ask it.
    • Inappropriate behaviors, attire, comments or outbursts are grounds for removal from the live session.
    • Students must exit the video-conferencing space prior to the teacher, and may not remain in the space without the teacher.

    **Live Session Schedule-

    • Links and access codes to access the live session will be posted on Canvas on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 


    1st Period: 9:00-9:25

    2nd Period: 9:30-9:55

    3rd Period: 10:00-10:25

    4th Period: 10:30-10:55



    1st Period: 1:00-1:25

    2nd Period: 1:30-1:55

    3rd Period: 2:00-2:25

    4th Period: 2:30-2:55



    **Contacting the teacher-


    • I am available via email, phone, Remind, Google Meet, and Canvas. 
    • I will have daily office hours. During office hours, I am grading and giving feedback, responding to emails, calls, texts, private comments on assignments, and providing 1:1 or study-group student help via Google Hangouts.  Parent conferences can be scheduled during my office hours. 


    • Even out of office hours, please feel free to contact me! I am here to help! 
    • Office Hours: 
      • Monday:10:00-12:00
      • Tuesday:12:00-2:00
      • Wednesday:1:00-3:00
      • Thursday: 8:00- 10:00
      • Friday: 9:00-11:00