•  Non-Licensed Positions

    Classified Positions – include non-certified, non-teaching positions such as:
    • Teacher Assistant

    • Clerical – School Secretary, Payroll, Receptionist, etc.

    • Food Service Assistant

    • Custodial

    • Maintenance – Director, Carpenter, Plumber, Roofer, etc.

    • Technology Specialist – Programmer, Technician

    • Transportation – Mechanic

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    Additional Instructions:

    • All non-licensed candidates will apply through Teacher Match.
    • Along with a complete application, classified candidates must submit three references.

    • An associate's degree or high school diploma must be uploaded to the application as mandated by the position requirements.

    • Candidates will have the opportunity to apply for a “Generic” classified position if a position is not available. 

    • Candidates have the option to upload their college transcripts and other relevant documentation to their application (strongly encouraged when applicable). 

    Note: As of the effective date of this policy, all teaching assistants hired on or after July 1, 2016, employed by the Duplin County Schools must be qualified, licensed, and willing to drive a school bus within one year of their start date. Bus driving duty shall be considered an essential function of these classified positions and employees must sign a bus driving agreement as a condition of new or continued employment. 

    You may also need to hold proper certification for certain classified positions.
    Please contact Mrs. Kim Matthis, Senior Human Resources Office Manager if you have any questions. Mrs. Matthis can be reached at 910-296-6626.
Last Modified on November 16, 2023