• Math 1 Support Session

    NCDPI Math Wiki:  Contains majority of what you will need to understand standards, sample questions, MRIs, testing, etc.
    Math 1 Google Drive:  Curriculum docs, EOC information, resources, lessons, etc.
    • Can access standard specific SchoolNet benchmark assessments here.  These are all between 4-6 questions and may be printed off and shared.  Will be adding to these on a regular basis.
    • Shared SchoolNet Assessments:  These are made specific CTE teachers, but could be useful to anyone, access here.  Will add a new one every Friday.
    Useful Links:
    • Dan Meyer 3-Act Math - We did Fry's Bank
    • MARS - Mathshell:  Numerous lessons and tasks
    • Which One Doesn't Belong?
    • Yummy Math: Math problems centered around real-life current events
    • Canvas:  Directions can be found here.  Sign into you NCEd Cloud IAM account and hit blue icon.  Find "NC Mathematics Collaboratory" in classes. 
    • McPherson Math:  Contains several resources available for Math 1, along with EOC review/practice (not updated to new standards, but majority of activities still fit with Math 1)
    • Math 1 Warm-ups through email