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  • Baysden Daily Schedule

    ***This schedule is subject to change***

    Resource/Encore Schedule


    Monday- Art (Mr. Bell)

    Tuesday- PE (Mr Pullen)

    Wednesday- PE (Coach Hop)

    Thursday- Music (Ms. Tyler)

    Friday- Sanford Harmony (Ms. Tyler)                                            

     Class Schedule (This schedule is subject to change)

    Partner teacher is Mrs. Polly Justice (ELA)

    Arrival- Release from buses, Breakfast and Bathroom

    Morning Work 7:40-7:50

    Streaks- 7:50 - 8:00

    Math (1st block) 8:00-9:30

    Math (2nd block) 9:30-11:00

    Lunch 11:03-11:23

    Bathroom/Water 11:23-11:33

    Encore (resource) 11:35-12:20

    Recess 12:22-12:52

    Science (2nd block) 12:55-1:33

    Science (1st block) 1:34-2:12

    Tiger Time (remediation) 2:15-3:05

    Release 3:05