• Use the volunteer log below to document your hours. Keep in mind the following guidelines.


    • 12th graders: 25 hours due April 16, 2021; total of 100 hours logged
    • 11th graders: 25 hours due April 16, 2021;total of 75 hours logged
    • Current 10th graders: 25 hours due April 16, 2021; total of 50 hours logged
    • Current 9th graders: 25 hours due April 16, 2021; total of 25 hours logged 

    Volunteer Hours:

    The required hours must be spent providing service to a non-profit organization, outside of school time. The minimum number of hours per year is 25. The hour requirements listed above are the minimum hours required to remain in the academy.


    Volunteer Locations:

    There will be cooperating locations added to the website as they become available. You may use local organizations you are familiar with to provide service to as long as they are non-profit (examples include churches, boy scouts/girl scouts, fire departments, etc.) If you are concerned about whether or not your hours will count, ask Mrs. Cassell beforehand. 


    Dress Code: 

    While volunteer service opportunities, locations, and nature of service will vary, you are expected to dress in a respectful manner. It is suggested that you discuss with the volunteer site in advance any required attire that may be needed.