• Advanced Course Offerings

    In an effort to provide all students with opportunities to accelerate their learning, advanced course offerings are available to students that meet specific course criteria. Opportunities are available in grades 3-8 math, grades 6-8 select advanced course offerings, and advanced placement (AP), honors, college, and CTE high school course offerings. 

    Advanced Math for Grades 3-8

    In accordance with SL 2019-120, any student who scores at the highest level on the current grade level end of grade (EOG) mathematics assessment, AIG students, or students who exhibit advanced mathematical knowledge shall be placed in an advanced mathematics course in the next school term.  Initial math placements for all students, 3rd - 8th, shall be made in consultation with the student's previous school year math teacher and principal.

    Students in grades 3rd - 5th will be provided advanced opportunities within their classroom settings. This requirement may require clustering of 3rd -5th grade AIG and advanced learning students during the school year. 
    Students in grades 6th - 7th will be provided advanced opportunities through compacted math classes. This requirement may require clustering of 6th -7th grade AIG and advanced learning students, as well. 
    Students who score at an Achievement Level 5 on the 7th-grade Math EOG assessment must be provided the NC Math 1 enrollment opportunity during the 8th-grade school year. Additionally, students who have successfully completed compacted math in 7th-grade may also be placed in NC Math 1. Please know that NC Math 1 may be offered through either the NC Virtual Public School or face-to-face, based on each school’s enrollment. 

    Advanced Course Options for Middle School

    Middle school students in seventh or eighth grade who demonstrate readiness shall be granted the opportunity to take high school courses.  These courses will primarily be offered online through North Carolina Virtual Public Schools.  Upon successful completion of the course, the course will appear on the high school transcript and count towards high school graduation requirements, but will not count in the student’s high school grade point average.

    Current course options:

    • 7th Grade
      • World History
      • Foreign Language - Spanish or French
    • 8th Grade
      • NC Math 1
      • World History
      • Earth/Environmental Science
      • Foreign Language - Spanish or French

    Please review the resources below for more information.

Last Modified on April 27, 2022