• Utilizing K-5 Credential Badges


    Students in grade Kindergarten through 5th grade will now be able to log into NCEdCloud through the use of QR Code badges. 

    QR Code Badge Image


    How Do Students Log In Using The QR Badges?

    Students will visit my.ncedcloud.org and select the Scan QR Code Button.

    Scan Student QR Code button image

    They will then see a “Scan your QR code” page that opens the device camera for scanning. The student (or teacher) should place the QR code/badge in view of the camera and move it in and out until the QR code is read. The student is then presented with the NCEdCloud “Applications” page.  This process (and the login screens presented to students) do not change whether it’s the student’s first login or any subsequent login. Many device cameras require QR Codes to be well lit in order to scan them. If you have an issue with scanning badges, make sure they’re lit by overhead lighting or daylight from an exterior window.

    Badge Scanning Image


    What if a student does not have the badge when trying to login? 

    Students set up to use Badges can still enter their Username and Password at the NCEdCloud login screens, so if a student does not have their badge, they can still login to their account by entering their Student Number and clicking on the use password to login link when the scan screen appears.


     How do I print badges for my students?

    Teachers and NCEdCloud LEA Administrators, Help Desk and Student Help Desk staff, will have tools to support K-5 students using QR badges.  These tools are accessible through the Profiles screen.  Teachers can access ALL their students under the Print QR Codes tab, along the top of the Profiles view, and select any number of their students by checking the box to the left of their account information. To view/print all QR Code badges at one time, click on the checkbox at the top of the column (to the left of “Username”). Employees in technical support will have the same Print QR Codes tab available, but will need to look up students by their student number, or by using an Advanced Search.  Once you’ve selected the students, click on the “QR Code” button above the list of students, and you will be able to view all of their badges (their names will be displayed at the top of the badge above the QR Code).

    Print QR Badge button

    QR Code button


    Image of Student QR Badges

    You also have the ability to change the size of the badges (and the number of badges that print on a page), by adjusting the Width or Height value in the top left corner of the screen. To print the badges, right click (or use the appropriate menu link/button on your browser or device) and select “Print”.


    What do I print the badges on?

    Print them out ahead of time on bright white paper and if possible, laminate them to Index Cards

    It might be beneficial for the teachers to make duplicate cards for all their students and keep a set secured but available for quick access (e.g. on a ring in alphabetical order)


    What if a student loses a badge or needs their password reset?

    NCEdCloud QR Code Badges are a graphical depiction of the student’s username and password. Therefore, if the student changes their password in NCEdCloud, the QR Code previously used will be invalid and a new badge will have to be printed (the new password will automatically be reflected in the new badge). Likewise, if a student loses their badge and the teacher wants to be sure someone else cannot use it to login, changing the password through the My Students tab will generate a new QR Code (and badge) for that student when it’s displayed and reprinted. 12 Once a student’s password has been changed, a new QR Code Badge must be printed out for them to login. If a badge is destroyed (or becomes unreadable), the teacher can just reprint the existing badge.


    Troubleshooting Tips

    Browser Issues

    Most browsers will require the user (or LEA technical staff) to allow an application to take control of a device camera to scan the QR Code Badges. This varies by browser, however, usually the browser configuration has a Security or Privacy setting to enable an application URL to access the camera. These are usually setup with “Deny”, “Allow” or “Ask/Allow”. The URL for the NCEdCloud IdP login site can be added to browsers that require it.

    Environment Issues

    QR Codes must be “bright” enough for device cameras to read them properly. Make sure when scanning a badge that there is enough light in the room, or that the badge is not shaded by the device.

    Device Issues

    Some devices have a setting similar to the browsers that allow applications to control a camera. These may need to be enabled for the Browser you’re using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

    Switching to Username and Password

    If a student clicks on the “Scan Student QR Code” button on the Username Login screen for NCEdCloud, they will be taken directly to the “Scan Your QR Code” screen. If they realize they don’t have their badge or it’s damaged or just won’t 14 scan, the student can still login with their username (Student number) and password. To do so, they will need to follow the process below:

    Badge QR Code Scanning Image

    Click on the “Start Over” button below the scan window and “Ok”, and then enter their Student Number in the Username box when the first login screen appears. Click the “Go” button.

    Try Another Method Image

    This time, when the Scan Your QR Code” screen appears, you will see a blue link below the Start Over button that says “Try another method”. Click on this link and you will go to the Password screen where you can enter the student password. Clicking “Go” again will take you into the Applications screen of the RapidIdentity Portal.