Basic Guidelines

  • These are a few guidelines but please be sure to read the Student Handbook with your student.

    Class Rules

    1. Be respectful.
    2. Be responsible.
    3. Be successful.
    4. Be safe.

    Homework Planner

    • Your child will receive a planner for the school year.  We will write all homework assignments, notes to parents, and any important information in the planner.  Please help your child keep up with it.
    • Homework planners will go home each night and require your initials.
    • Homework is assigned as needed, however students will be assigned to read EACH night.  Commonly assigned homework includes studying spelling words and multiplication and division facts. 
    • Some homework will be for a grade therefore it is important that your child completes all assigned homework.

    Change of Plans

    • If your child is planning to be a car rider, leave early, arrive late, please let me know.  Your child can bring a note, you can send me a text on the Remind app, or send an email.  Sending a note or text is the best way to reach me.


    • I recommend reading 20-30 minutes EVERY night.  Your child can read to themselves or to someone else.  Reading nightly will help improve their reading skills.


    • It is important for students to know their multiplication facts.  I recommend studying their facts each night.

    Absences Due to Illness

    • If your child is absent due to illness, an excuse note must be sent with the student upon returning to school.  If you know your child will be absent ahead of time, especially if it is for several days, please let me know so we can make arrangements to complete missed work.

    Progress Reports

    • A progress report will be sent home each semester.  When students bring the report home, please review, sign, and return it the next school day.