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*Please read the Fall 2021 season update below. 


Hello and Welcome!

My name is John Ross and I'm the coach for the soccer team.  I am also a teacher at North Duplin Jr./Sr. High School where I am the middle school computer teacher.  Both the players and I are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding season and wish to thank you for supporting the soccer program.  

  • Fall 2021 Update

    As of May 26, 2021


    1.  Practice begins the week of August 2.

    2.  Practice will begin at 3:30 and will end at 5:00/5:15.

    3.  Our first game is scheduled for August 18.

    4.  Bring your own water bottles and no sharing water bottles.

    5.  ALL paper work must be completed before you can practice.

    - Go to this link to access the forms you need:  Athletic Forms

    - Physcals - You must have a physical before you can practice.

    6.  You will need to pay your insurance fee of $14 - you can give this to me at practice.

    7.  Contact me through your school email account.  My email address is:



    What to do this summer:


    1.  RUN, RUN, RUN.  You need to work on your conditioning.  Work on short sprints for speed and long distance running for endurance.

    - Always begin with stretching and warming your body up

    - Brisk walk or slow jog for 2-3 minutes followed by running for 3-4 minutes (repeat this process)

    - Sprints - start with short distances gradually working to longer distances

    - Strength - pushups, pull ups, air squats and lunges, or lift weights

    - Core Muscles - sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, V-ups, and bicycles

    - Run suicides for explosive power and dexterity

    - High knees 

    - Ball Shooting - at the end of your workout practice penalty kicks and shooting the ball from different angles and positions on the field

    - Ball Handling - practice passing and receiving and dribbling

    **Do not over do it.  If you start to get tired, take breaks and drink water.  

    2.  Footwork/ball skills - get outside and work on your skills with the ball.

    - Passing, receiving, and dribbling are the most basic soccer skills - master them

    3.  Play pick up games with your friends.

    4.  When we have the ball on offense, we will be using triangle formations in passing the ball.







Last Modified on September 12, 2021