• 2019-20 School Impovement Planning Process
    (updated 9.10.19)
    A vital component of the school improvement process is the collection and review of school data (demographic, performance, process, perception). Each year, it is important to analyze data to determine what changes, if any, may be necessary for School Improvement Plans.  Knowing this, the process for schools to follow to self-assess their progress is outlined below.
    School Improvement Plan Timeline

    June 30: Self-Assessment (Phases 1-4) complete in school Google Doc

    July 1 – June 30: Two meetings per month documented in NCStar with Agendas and Minutes

    September 23: NCStar

    • Our Direction: View Profile
      • Update school-level team members and add district Curriculum Support Team members Kevin Smith, Tarla Smith, Kristen Hall, Pamela Murray, and Nicole Murray
    • Our Direction: Set Direction
      • #1 Mission & Goals
        • Goals should include improvements in performance measures (e.g. improve School Performance Grade, improve school growth score, improve grade-level proficiency, improve graduation rate, etc.).
      • #3 Indicator Selection (12 Key Indicators Required)
      • #4 View Selected Indicators in Success Cycle
    • Success Cycle: Assess
      • Assess each of the selected indicators (Initial level of Development, Priority Score, Opportunity Score, Describe Date-Stamped Current Level of Development)
      • Note: Leave the assessment description from 2018-19, and include current description for each of the key indicators. (i.e. As of September 2019, ……….)
      • Consider removing any information older than the 2018-19 school year.
      • Click Save
      • Note: No action needed at this time on Indicator B1.01. The district provided information to mark the indicator at Full Implementation in 2018-19.

    October 11: NCStar

    • Success Cycle: Create
      • For each indicator the school plans to create action steps and monitor improvement, the following must be completed:
        • Assign a team member to the objective
        • Establish a target date for fully implementation of the objective (Suggest no later than May 1 of any school year)
        • Describe how it will look when objective is met and the evidence you will provide upon completion. Use Wise Ways for guidance.
        • Add/adjust action steps (Suggest target dates to be no later than May 1 of any school year)
        • Add actions to address Equity work and Social Emotional Learning.
        • Consider removing any information older than the 2018-19 school year.

    October 11:

    • Complete missing data (Phases 1-4 of Self-Assessment Google Doc)
    • Complete Checklist of State-Required On-Going Operational Activities (Google Doc)
    • Complete Summary of School-Based Waiver Requests (Google Doc, if applicable)
    • Complete Safe School Plan (Google Doc)

    October 11-October 23: District review of School Improvement Plans with feedback and suggestions given to schools

    October 23-November 4: Schools make final revisions of School Improvement Plan for Board approval


    • Schools review coaching comments and respond/adjust practice, as needed
    • Schools upload evidence when actions/objectives are completed (Consider linking one Google folder for each indicator in NCStar for use with SIP and AdvancEd Accreditation)
Last Modified on September 10, 2019