• This is Squints the Dog and he's keeping an eye on Chinquapin Elementary while students and teachers are gone.

    Every week day, Squints will find a new place to check on, in or around CES.  Can you guess where he is each day?

    Email your guesses to Ms. Karly at kearp@duplinschools.net (subject line "Squints Day #") for a chance at a website shoutout!

    (You can also email any place you want Squints to check on for you while you are away.) 

    We miss you all!

    PS - You can find a gallery of all of Squints' shenanigans if you scroll all the way down!


    DAY 24:

    We miss you so much, and hope you are well.
    Squints is up high, I'm sure you can tell!
    Where is he at? Take a good look!
    Here's a big hint, he's surrounded by BOOKS!

    Where do you think Squints is today?
    Email your guess to Ms. Karly with the subject line "Squints Day 24" - kearp@duplinschools.net.


    Day 22-23 SHOUT OUT Winner:
    (This one was tough so Squints gave you an extra day - he was in Ms. Holmes' room!)

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Squints Day 24