• The goals of our school health services program are to:

    •  Identify health problems and needs of pupils and staff
    •  Assist pupils in becoming increasingly responsible for their own health
    •  Promote optimal level of health for pupils and staff
    •  Promote environmental safety and health within the school and during school related activities
    •  Provide health education and health counseling for pupils, parents and staff
    •  Provide direct health services in an efficient and cost-effective manner
    •  Maintain a liaison with primary health care providers

    Health Conditions

    It is my goal to identify and safely care for students with acute and chronic health conditions. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for completing a Health History Form at the beginning of each academic school year; and, contacting the school nurse, if individualized health/emergency action plans, medications (daily, emergency, and “as needed”), skilled procedures, adaptive devices, etc. are needed at school.

    Emergency Contact Information

    Parents/legal guardians are responsible for notifying the school and school nurse when emergency contact information changes.

    Student Transfers

    A student transferring from another school system must present the most recent certificate of immunization; and, if attending a public school in NC for the first time, a Health Assessment Transmittal Form. 

Last Modified on April 1, 2020