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    In the six years that I have been teaching I have been blessed to receive many grants and a couple of fellowships. Each of these awards have helped to enhance student learning in my classroom and engage students in their learning. Below is a list of accomplishements for my students...


    2017-2018 North Carolina Kenan Fellow

    • I spent the summer with North Carolina Electric Membership Cooperative and Four County EMC in Burgaw, NC. In this fellowship I learned from professionals in the field about how energy is created and distributed to rural areas in North Carolina, especially in the Four County EMC service area. The following school year my students had guest speakers in to talk about Four County and their jobs. My students also completed a lesson on building circuits and learned how the power lines the see beside the road are one giant circuit.


    2018-2019 Four County Bright Ideas Grant

    • Locked Out was a grant written for materials to create breakout boxes. My students love engaging with their content and what better way then to make it a competition. I have even used these breakout boxes with my colleague in professional development. 


    2018 -2019 Duplin County Schools Digital Model Classroom Teacher Grant 

    • This grant provided much need technology for our classroom that we use to enhance learning. Teachers involved with this grant work together to bring the lastest and greatest tech tools and ideas back to the classrooms. 


    Fall 2018 Going Local Grant from NC Ag In the Classroom 

    • "Are Pigs Like Me?" is a grant that provided materials for my students to complete a fetal pig dissection. In 7th grade science we learn about human body systems and this activity allowed my students to visually see how the organs looked. Fetal pig organs are very similar to human organs and talk about engagement, my students look forward to this activity every year! 


    Spring 2019 Going Local Grant from NC Ag in the Classroom

    • "Turn on the Lights" is a project that allows my students to construct a gird type circuit with a mini power line set up. The premise of the project is they have to figure out how to get power to their farm. Within this lesson students learn about how electricity didn't come to rural areas until much later after everyone else. It ties back into my Kenan Fellowship lessons as well. 


    Fall 2019 Chicken Nuggets on Mars Fellowship


      A fifth grader today will graduate from college in 2030. This is around the time that at least 4 private companies as well as NASA, Roscosmos, and the China National Space Administration plan to land the first humans on Mars. Elementary and middle school students today will see some of the most profound changes in food production since the invention of agriculture. Over the course of their careers, there will almost certainly be permanent colonies of humans living on other planets. They will see the global human population begin to reach its predicted plateau of approximately 11 billion people. They will also see the greatest overall increase in global wealth and standards of living. All of these changes pose tremendous challenges for food production and will require new and innovative solutions. Solutions that many of us alive today could never imagine, but if the US is going to meet these challenges we need to inspire future food producers and scientists so they are prepared to lead.

    • This fellowship is in conjunction with professors from NC State, NC Ag In the Classroom, and ImplementEd
    • There are four teachers across the state of NC involved: 2 from Duplin County, 1 from Surry County, and 1 from Randolph County


    Fall 2019 Going Local Grant from NC Ag in the Classroom

    • "This Little Piggy" is another grant that provided material for students to participate in a fetal pig dissection. 


    Spring 2020 Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Promoting Innovation in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) Grant

    • This prestigious grant will provide my students with Tower Gardens that will teach them the methods of Aeroponics. More to come soon...