• Character Education

    Character education is an important part of raising our kids and students. Our school guidance counselor forwarded an email to us that has great content for you to do at home with your child:  

    The Character Tree!

    Hi there,


    We can all agree that character education is important. During these unprecedented times, it is even more important to continue character education outside of the classroom while students are at home.


    The Character Tree is an educational video subscription series designed for K-2 students. We're currently offering a free subscription through June 30, 2020, that includes a remote learning option.


    The subscription includes 32 character education videos, 32 sets of supplemental resources, and 32 teacher's guides. Every episode, hosted by a real 1st-grade teacher, discusses an important positive character trait exemplified by prominent figures like Kindness & Mister Fred Rogers or Empathy & Jonas Salk.


    The Character Tree's subscription platform allows you to easily incorporate character education content with short 6 - 8-minute-long videos, eliminating the stress of finding time for character education.


    What do you have to lose? Sign-up for your FREE SUBSCRIPTION!

    Here's what teachers are saying about The Character Tree:

    "I cannot tell you how happy I am! This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. And I've been teaching for 26 years."


    “Our first Character Tree lesson went awesome. I used the little book and the sequencing activity. We watched the video twice over the course of the day. They got a lot out of it with a second watch. Thank you for this wonderful resource.”