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    If you have concerns regarding your school-aged child's speech you can talk to your child's teacher or the speech pathologist.  Once a referral is made, the speech pathologist will set up a referral meeting to discuss concerns and to determine the need for an evaluation.  If your child is currently, or has been receiving outside therapy services it is always helpful to provide this information during or before the referral meeting.  Copies of treatment plans and evaluations are always helpful.  If the team determines that a speech evaluation is necessary, and the parent gives permission for the evaluation, then the speech pathologist proceeds with the evaluation.  Upon completion of the evaluation, a second meeting is scheduled to review the results of the evaluation and determine the need for specially designed speech instruction.  If necessary, an Individualized Education Plan is created and implemented at this meeting.

    Some important notes:

    • Educational speech services are only warranted when there is an educational need or impact.
    • The referral and placement process has a 90 day timeline upon which the school has to complete the referral and evaluation process.
    • Not all children who receive private speech therapy will be eligible to receive speech therapy at school.