Enrollment Information

  • Welcome to Duplin County Schools!  Below you will find the documentation required for school enrollment.  

    Enrollment Forms (forms are linked at the bottom of the page; additional forms will be provided by each individual school)

    • PowerSchool Registration Form
    • Health Assessment Transmittal Form (Required for any child entering a North Carolina school for the first time)
    • Transportation Ridership Form

    In addition to the required forms listed above, the following documentation is required for enrollment.

    • A certified copy of the child's birth certificate
    • Proof of address with 911 address (Ex. water bill, electric bill, landline phone bill, rental/lease agreement)
    • Immunization records (The following immunizations are required:  Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Polio, Red Measles (Rubeola), German Measles (Rubella), Mumps, HIB (if applicable), Hepatitis B, and Varicella.) 
    • Photo ID of parent or legal guardian
    • Custody documents (if applicable)

    Specific questions regarding enrollment can be directed to each individual school.  You can confirm the school that your child/children will attend by clicking here.  

    The McKinney-Vento Act defines homeless children and youths as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This definition specifically includes children and youth living in emergency shelters, motels, hotels, campgrounds, cars, public spaces or abandoned buildings; and children and youths who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason.  If you believe your situation would qualify for McKinney-Vento services, please contact Beth Lanier, Lead School Social Worker at 910-298-5616 or nlanier@duplinschools.net.

Last Modified on December 15, 2023