• Dear Parents & Guardians,

    We are anxiously awaiting Monday, September 21st when students will return to our school buildings. We have been busy planning and preparing for our students' arrival with plans and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. We look forward to the joy, laughter, and learning that will take place in our classrooms. While we know that some students will remain fully remote and some students will be alternating between face-to-face and remote during Plan B, our teachers continue to prepare high-quality instruction for all students in all learning environments.  

    Teachers will continue to utilize their classroom learning management system, Google Classroom or Canvas, for remote and face-to-face instruction. This will provide access for parents and students to all instructional content inside and outside of the classroom to support learning.  All instructional content will be based on the NC Standard Course of Study for each subject and grade level. Teachers will be providing face-to-face lessons as well as providing the content in a digital format for remote students to ensure that they are meeting the needs of all students. Even though the same standards are being taught in all instructional settings, face to face instruction will be different from remote learning. Students choosing to come to school for on-campus instruction will have the benefit of additional support from their teachers. Along with the delivery of the lesson, teachers will also be providing one-on-one and small-group instruction, re-teaching concepts to address student misconceptions, along with enrichment and/or STEAMA project-based learning opportunities to meet each student's individual learning needs. Teachers and students will continue to use various applications while in the classroom, which will allow students the opportunity to collaborate and work together while being socially distanced. Also, while on-campus students will receive additional supports such as social-emotional support, instructional materials support for limited internet access, device repair, and technical support to help prepare them for the following week of remote instruction.

    We know this has not been a traditional start to the school year, and that we have all had to embrace new methods of teaching and learning. However, the challenges we have faced have ignited our innovative spirit and education will be forever changed. We, as educators, will continue to explore new learning opportunities for our students to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be college and career ready. We appreciate your support as we continue to learn and grow together. Parents and guardians are a critical part of this process and we need your continued feedback. Please reach out to your student’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.    


    Mrs. Lindsay Skidmore

    Chairperson-DCS Remote Instruction Committee