• Student Parking

    Students must pay all unpaid school fees before purchasing a parking tag.  Only students who have been approved (application below) and have purchased a parking hanger for (a nonrefundable) $40.00 may drive cars on campus.  Parking hanger’s will be sold in the front office and it is required in order to park a vehicle on school property.  Replacement hangers due to loss or damage, etc. can be purchased at a cost of $10.00.  Parking without a school issued hanger WILL result in a parking violation of $5.00 per event and/or towing at the owner’s expense.  Students cannot share parking tags.  Each student must have their own.  DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE.  Students who drive to school should:

    • arrive after 7:30 am and park only in areas designated for student parking.  Do not linger in the parking lot.  Enter the building immediately.
    • keep cars locked at all times.
    • immediately report accidents to the School Resource Officer that occur on the school grounds.
    • display the parking hanger on the rear view mirror during school hours or the vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  Note:  Students may not purchase parking hangers or drive on campus until all debts have been cleared, including cafeteria fees for the previous/current school year.
    •  do not return to vehicles during school hours without permission from the school administration
    •  know that the school resource officer will issue traffic tickets for:
            Not displaying a parking hanger;

            parking in unauthorized areas;
            careless and reckless driving (results in a loss of driving privilege).  Note:  Failure to pay will result in disciplinary action.
    • know that students who abuse driving privileges by leaving campus in their vehicles without permission from the office may lose driving privileges as follows:  1st Offense - up to 1 day suspension/3 weeks no driving privilege; 2nd offense - up to 2 day suspension/NO driving privilege for the remainder of the semester.




    Note:  A student’s vehicle may be searched by school officials any time that it is parked on the school campus.