• About Me

       My name is Melissa Holmes.  My husband and I live in Potters Hill, NC we have four children and six grandchildren which keep us pretty busy.  I am a  big sports fan, and I love Carolina!!  I have an Associates in Arts as well as an Associate in General Education.  I graduated from  Mount Olive with a BS in Early Childhood Education.
    My first teaching position was Special Needs Pre-K. I taught it for three years which I enjoyed, and I learned a great deal from that experience. Then I was blessed with the opportunity to come to Kindergarten which I love dearly.  I then took the praxis to become highly qualified to teach kindergarten.   I believe this has to be the most rewarding grade level in which to teach.  My five year old students are so eager to learn, and to watch them absorb all the information they are exposed to is amazing.  I hope this is a wonderful beginning in you and your child's educational life!  Enjoy, it goes by at an amazing speed!!
Last Modified on September 23, 2017