• Frequently Asked Questions

    1.)  What are the requirements for Duplin County Schools Athletic Eligibility for Middle Schools?

      Each coach is directly responsible for administering the rules in a fair and equitable manner and each principal is responsible for certifying that all eligibility requirements are being meet by signing the eligibility list.  Please note that only students in grades 7 and 8 can participate in middle school interscholastic athletic competition.

    2)   What are the requirements for Duplin County Schools Academic/Athletic Eligibility?  In order to qualify for public school participation a student must meet the following requirements: 

    1. A student shall not participate on a seventh or eighth grade team if the student becomes 15 years of age on or before August 16 of that school year.
    2. A student must receive a medical examination prior to tryouts. This medical examination is good for one calendar year.
    3. Each student must meet the specified academic requirements as listed on the academic requirement list.
    4. Beginning in 2014-15, all high school student-athletes must meet the local attendance policy for eligibility.  Please note that middle school athletes will still comply with 85% rule.  The local policy for high school students allows no more than 10 absences.  Prior to this new enactment by the NCHSAA, a student must have been in attendance 85% of the previous semester. (This would be 77 days of a 90 day semester).  
    5. Support personnel (statisticians, managers, student trainers, camera crew, etc.) who are associated with athletics must follow the same attendance and academic requirements as athletes.
    6. Cheerleaders are required to follow the same guidelines as all other athletes.7. All athletes are required to enroll in the athletic insurance plan.


    3) How to file a claim for an athletic injury?

    Student athlete must see a doctor within 30 days of injury.

    Obtain a claim form from the school office or:

    -This accident only insurance policy pays on an accident injury after other insurance has paid

    -This accident only insurance policy is a LIMITED BENEFIT policy and we recommend that parents purchase the voluntary accident insurance available online at www.studentinsurance-kk.com   

    -This accident only insurance plan provides coverage for all Middle and High School athletes in your school district while traveling directly to or from a school-sponsored and supervised practice or a game, during practice or training/weight-lifting and during any school-sponsored and school-supervised interscholastic game  If an insured has an accident, a school official must complete and sign the designated area on the accident claim form and then have the parent or guardian complete the remainder of the accident claim form.  It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to submit the accident claim form to the claims office.  

                   -  The administrator of student athletic insurance is:   


    Your Local Agents

    McGriff Insruance Services 

    P.O. Box 27149

    Greenville, SC 29616-2149

    800-746-4339 ext. 1345

    Fax: 888-751-3014

    For Claims & Enrollment Questions please contact:

    K & K Insurnce Group Inc.

    Claims Customer Service: 800-237-2917

    Customer Service # for Enrollment Questions: 855-742-3135


    Complete the information on the claim form. Send the claim form and itemized bills to the claim address within 90 days. Keep a copy of the claim form as well as a copy of all the bills.  File any additional applicable insurance. When you receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB's) from these companies, forward these to the Athletic Insurance Company.  Upon completion of all these items, the Athletic Insurance Company can process your claim. Filing an insurance claim after the accident is YOUR responsibility.

    4)  What should I expect from my child's coach?

     Eligibility requirements.  Practice schedule and practice location.  Team rules with consequences for non-compliance.  Lettering criteria for high school programs.  Awards criteria.  Team selection process.  Expectations for the team as well as your child.  Procedures for caring for your child in case of injury.  Conduct and sportsmanship policies.  To be a positive role model, inspiring student athletes and stressing sportsmanship.  A copy of the Duplin County Middle or High School Parent Handbook.

    5)  What should the coach expect from the parent?

     Notification of any special medical condition.  Parent contact numbers including emergency contacts.  Immediate notification of injury or illness.  Concerns or conflicts.  Safety issues.  Appointments or schedule problems.  Attendance at the coach/parent meeting.  ENCOURAGEMENT for your child, the coach, and the entire team.  Participating in athletics can be some of the most rewarding moments in your child's life. However, there may be times when you may have concerns. When situations such as that arise, you are encouraged to discuss these matters with the coach.

     6)  What are appropriate concerns to discuss with the coach?

    Ways to help your child improve.  Issues dealing with your child's academic progress.  Issues dealing with your child's behavior.  The safety of your child.  The treatment of your child.  Although it is difficult to accept, there are times that you and the coach will not see eye to eye on certain matters. This may include playing time for your child. The coach must make decisions based on his/her professional judgement. Certain items must be left up to the coach's discretion.

     7)  What issues should be left to the discretion of the coach?

    Your child's playing time.  Your child's playing position.  Team strategy and play calling.  Offensive and defensive strategy.  Other student athletes.  Certain situations may require a conference between the coach and the player, the coach and the parent, or the coach, parent, and player. Conferences are encouraged. All parties involved must be willing to accept other opinions.

     If a conference is necessary the following procedure should apply:

    Student athlete and coach - Open door policy for all coaches  

    Parent and coach - Scheduled conference
    Call the coach to schedule appointment
    *Do not attempt to contact the coach prior to or after a contest!  These are usually emotional meetings,  which do not promote positive solutions.

     8)   What can you do if the coach/parent conference did not provide a satisfactory solution?

    Schedule an appointment with the Student Athletic Director of School Principal.  Contact the central office only after meeting with the principal and school athletic director.


    School Contact Numbers

    Middle Schools

    B. F. Grady Elementary - Kirk Thigpen - 252-568-3487

    Beulaville Elementary - Thomas Whitfield - 910-298-3171

    Chinquapin Elementary - AJ Davis - 910-285-3476

    Kenansville Elementary - Ashanti Stroud - 910-296-1647

    North Duplin Jr. High - Jeff Byrd - 919-658-3051

    Rose Hill-Magnolia Elementary - Craig Smith 910-289-3667

    Wallace Elementary - Melony Henderson 910-285-7183

    Warsaw Elementary - Glenwood Bell 910-293-3121

    High Schools

    East Duplin, Battle Holley - 910-298-4535  

    James Kenan, Ken Avent Jr. - 910-293-4218

    North Duplin High, Ricky Edwards - 919-658-3051

    Wallace-Rose Hill High, Cory Lovelace - 910-285-7501


    Duplin County Board of Education/Central Office Contact:

    Dr. Ben Thigpen 910.296.6652

    Assistant Superitendent for Federal Programs, Student Support and Athletics 

    315 N. Main Street

    Kenansville, NC 28349


Last Modified on October 28, 2019