• Veggies for health!

    -In the Duplin County Schools' cafeterias, we implement the Offer vs Serve Program for all of our students to encourage choice and eliminate as much waste as possible.  We offer five components to build a school lunch (meat/meat alternate, grain, vegetable, fruit, milk), with most of the components having more than one option for the student to choose from.  According to USDA guidelines, a student may choose all five components or as few as three components in order for the meal to be considered "complete". Beginning school year 2012-2013, one of those components MUST be a fruit or a vegetable.  If the student does not have enough components on his or her plate, the student is sent back to the lunch line at that time to make a choice that will make their meal complete.

    Should you have any questions, please contact our Child Nutrition Office.
Last Modified on July 5, 2020