DAISY Officers 
    Chairperson:  Mrs. Bridgett Huffman, NC Cooperative Extension
    Vice-Chair:  Heather Best, HPE Teacher North Duplin
    Secretary:  Mrs. Dawn Smith, Student Support Services
    Superintendent's Liaison:  Dr. Ben Thigpen, Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs and Student Support

    Gov Cooper with Lisa and Heather
    DAISY serves as the School Health Advisory Council for Duplin County Schools.  School Health Advisory Councils are composed of individuals selected primarily from the health and education segments of the community. The group acts collectively in providing advice to the school system on aspects of the school health programs. The members of the council are appointed by the school system to advise the school system.  
    "Schools could do more than perhaps any other single institution in society to help young people, and the adults they will become, to live healthier, longer, more satisfying, and more productive lives." 
    - Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development
    Influencing students to lead healthy and productive lives is likely to be most effective when schools, the community, and parents work together. Each has unique resources, each can access students in ways the other can not, and each has different means of influencing the behaviors of young people. But the coordination of these efforts requires planning and that is the purpose of DAISY.  
    Local school health advisory councils are one means of planning consistent and focused action. Councils, comprised of representatives from the eight components of school health (Health education, physical education, nutrition services, family and community, mental and social health, staff wellness, school environment and health services) can objectively assess the needs of young people and identify the required resources. Councils can also serve as a communication link among the three groups to help prevent misunderstanding and clarify roles and responsibilities.
    The health of young people is directly tied to academic achievement and their potential for school success and overall quality of life. The schools alone cannot solve or prevent health related problems. However, the schools' ability to have a positive impact on students' health behavior and academic gains is enhanced with the help of community resources.
    Daisy Meeting for 2019-20
    November 12, 2019 - Carolina BBQ
    January 14th - Carolina BBQ
    March 10th - Carolina BBQ
    May 12th - Carolina BBq
    all meeting at held at 12:00 p.m.
    Daisy Meeting for 2018-19
    December 18, 2018  12 18 18 Minutes
    February 12, 2019 2 12 2019 Minutes
    April 9, 2019  4 9 2019 Minutes
    May 14, 20195/14/2019 Minutes
    DAISY Meetings for 2017-18
     November 14, 2017 Daisy 11 14 17
     February 13, 2018 Feb 2018
     March 13, 2018 CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
     May 8, 2018 Minutes May 8 2018
    June 12th, 2018 June 12th Minutes
    DAISY Meetings for 2016-17
    October 11, 2016  NO MEETING
    December 13, 2016  December 2016 Minutes
    February 14, 2017  February2017 Minutes
    March 14, 2017 March 2017 Minutes
    May 9, 2017  May 2017 Minutes
    DAISY Meetings for 2015-16
    September 8th @ BOE Conference Room  September 2015 Minutes
    October 13th @ BOE Conference Room  October 2015 Minutes
    December 8th @ BOE Conference Room December 2016Minutes
    February 9th @ BOE Conference Room  Minutes Feb 2016
    April 12th @ BOE Conference Room NO MEETING
    May 10th @ BOE Conference Room Minutes May 10 2016
    DAISY Meetings for 2014-15
    September 9th @ Duplin Commons Minutes 9 9 2014
    October 14th @ BOE Conference Room Minutes 10 14 2014
    December 9th @ BOE Conference Room Minutes 12 9 2014
    January 13th @ BOE Conference Room NO MEETING
    February 10th @ BOE Conference Room  Minutes Feb 10 2015
    May 12th @ Duplin Commons Board Room
    DAISY Meetings for 2013-14
    November 12, 2013  Minutes 11 12 2013
    January 14, 2014  Minutes 1 14 2014
    February 11, 2014  Canceled due to weather
    March 11, 2014  Minutes 3 11 2014
    April 8, 2014  Minutes 4 8 2014
    May 13, 2014 Minutes 5 13 2014
     *DAISY Meetings are held at 12:00 pm in Board of Education Conference Room unless otherwise noted


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