• Instructional Rounds Resources
     Recommended Best Practices and Instructional Rounds Tips:
    1. Review the Instructional Rounds process and expectations with the whole staff prior to the first implementation.  Each certified staff member should participate in the Instructional Rounds process four times during the school year.
    2. Completing the Rounds Sheet ahead of time is very important.  The host teacher should submit the Rounds Sheet to the principal and facilitator at least a day before pre-rounds so there is time to adjust the Student Learning Questions (SLQ) as needed.  Skipping this step often results in feedback that does not promote powerful teaching and learning.  The host teacher should provide copies of the Rounds Sheet to each visiting teacher.
    3. Student Learning Questions (SLQ) should not be "yes/no" questions.  Instead, the questions should provide opportunities to gather concrete data data and provide useful feedback to the host teacher that will impact student achievement.  Sample Student Learning Questions are provided below.
    4. The facilitator should use the Pre-Rounds Protocol and Post-Rounds Protocol to assure fidelity to the process.
    5. The ideal time for the classroom visit is 25-35 minutes.
    6. The ideal number of visitors per classroom visit is 3-5.  This provides enough opportunities for useful feedback without overwhelming the students.
    Peer School Review Guidebook  (Provided by NC New Schools - February 2015)
Last Modified on February 5, 2015