• Google Tools for Educators

    Maximizing your Inbox:
    Your Gmail Inbox has a variety of settings and features that will allow you to customize you email to ensure that you are being the most efficient and effective as possible. Below are several instructional videos that cover the a few of these features. 
    Changing Your Inbox Theme 
    General Settings Tab: Reply options, Stars, Signature, Vacation Responder
    Creating Inbox Labels
    Gmail Labs
    Gmail Search Bar 
    Google Calendar:
    All gmail accounts come with the added Google Calendar feature. This tool is a great way to organize all the aspects of you life, both work and personal. Google Calendar allows us to share our calendar with others, invite others to events, and create multiple calendars with ease. Below are several instructional videos to help you create and mange your Google Calendar.
     Creating Events in Your Google Calendar
     Google Calendar Invites
     Creating Additional Calendars
     Sharing Your Google Calendar with Others
    Calendar Reminders 
    Google Hangout Chat and Voice Feature:
    Google Hangout Chat will allow you to send instant messages to your contacts, as well as conduct group chats. The voice feature allows you to make phone calls directly from your inbox.
     Google Hangout Video Conferencing:
    Google Hangout Video Conferencing allows you to conduct video conferencing calls with up to 20 individuals. You can share and present material without having to travel long distances.
    Google Translate:
    Google Translate allows you to quickly translate text into other languages. It also has the capability to allow you to hear the original text and the translated text. This is a great tool to help you quickly communicate in a different language.  

    Google Drive: 
    Google Drive is cloud storage space that automatically comes with your Gmail account. Drive allows use to store documents, presentations, image, and video virtually in the cloud, so that no matter where we are, as long as we have Internet access, we can access our files. Below is a quick video that helps explain Google Drive.
    Along with providing cloud storage, Google Drive also allows us to create documents, presentation, spreadsheets, and forms without having to purchase software, such as Microsoft Office.  The files created in Google Drive provide a unique functionality that allows us to share our files with others and collaborate on a file in real time. 
    Sharing with Google Drive
     New Google Drive
    Google Drive: Forms
     Google Forms allows you to collect information from various people and combine the responses in a neat spreadsheet.  They are great to use for surveys or data collection. Below is a brief video that explains how Google Forms work.
    Google Forms Tutorial
Last Modified on June 7, 2016