• Using the Teacher Webpage 

    to Create a Blended Learning Environment

  • Introductions, Sign-In, Housekeeping

    Participants will gain knowledge in... 

    • Effectively integrating their Teacher Webpage into their instruction to create a blended learning environment that extends beyond the classroom walls.  
  • What is blended learning?

  • Webpage Utilization Survey

    Please complete the survey on how you currently utilize your teacher webpage. Click here.

    Webpage Overview 

    Your teacher webpage is more than just a webpage.  It is also a content management system that integrates technology tools and information all in one place.  It allows you to communicate with students, parents, staff, and your community.  Some of the features include:
    • Publish, edit, and modify content
    • Role protection
    • Applications
    • Communication 



By Month

  • Types of Page Layouts and Applications


    • One Column
    • Two Column
    • Three Column
    • Left Sidebar
    • Right Sidebar
    • Left and Right Sidebar
    • Two Column Right Sidebar

    Customize each of your pages by changing the layout and/or adding multiple applications to each page. 


    • Announcements
    • Assignments
    • Blog/Discussion
    • Book List
    • Calendar
    • File Library
    • Headlines & Features
    • Link Library
    • Lunch Menu
    • Maps & Directions
    • Photo Gallery
    • Upcoming Events  

    Flex Editor Page

    • Insert editor layout
    • Link to documents, websites, or other pages on your website 
    • Insert tables, photo gallery, mini base
    • Embed documents and videos

  • Working with Your Teacher Webpage

    Teacher Homepage

    • Update your teacher homepage
    • Include picture, contact information, welcome message or current message, photo gallery, link to document or website.
    • Change page layout and add additional applications

    Calendar App

    • Add/edit events
    • Set start and end date
    • Set start and end time
    • Include description with flex editor
    • Assign category
    • Recurrence 

    Assignment App

    • Create categories for assignments
    • New Assignments
      • Title
      • Assignment and due date
      • Include directions with flex editor
      • Post to calendar
    • Embed a Google Form

    Blog App

    •  Options > Social Settings > Commenting
      • Require Approval
      • Comments Order
    • New Posting
      • General - title and post date
      • Posting - flex editor page to post your discussion or question
      • Author - defaults with your information

    Link Library & File Library App

    • New file or link
      • Title
      • Include directions in flex editor
      • Include link or upload document
      • Display duration 

    Forms & Surveys

    • Create a form or survey and post the link on your webpage
    • Set duration for the form or survey
    • View results
      • Sort and analyze data
    Forms & Surveys User Guide

    Organizing Pages

    • Sort A-Z
    • Personalized Sort
    • Nest Pages 

    EvaluationClick on the link to complete the evaluation for today's training. 

Last Modified on May 2, 2013