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    How can you choose to be a happy teacher?

    #1 Remember the reasons why you love teaching. Some days you may forget why you like it, but those days will pass and a lovely moment will remind you why you were born to teach.

    #2 Focus on the good. Hold tight to any positive moment you come across each day. Even if it is as simple as all your students sitting in their chairs at the same time. Sometimes that is all we get!

    #3 Throw positive reinforcement around like confetti. People like to hear good things about themselves. Our students aren't any different.

    #4 Leave school at school. This is a hard one. Sometimes, school shouldn't come home, and you should relax instead.

    #5 Remind yourself that you are important, your students need you (whether they admit it or not), and you get at least 180 days a year to make a difference.

    So you may have that "Hard class," this year, or interesting coworker, or unbearable committee assignment. Just remember, you can choose to be the happy teacher, no matter what!

    You've got this teachers. #choosetobethehappyteacher


    Leadership Empowerment:
    Recognizing DCS Site Coordinators
    The Beginning Teacher Support Program would like to recognize our Site Coordinators for their leadership. These teachers collaborate frequently with mentors and beginning teachers to provide support needed as we focus on powerful teaching and learning. Our Site Coordinators plan and facilitate monthly professional development meetings at their schools which cover a range of topics including classroom management, parent conferences, peer observations and reflective practices. We appreciate their willingness to empower our beginning teachers to be change agents in their classrooms, schools and beyond!
    2019 - 2020 DCS Site Coordinators
    B. F. Grady Elementary - Candice Southerland
    Beulaville Elementary - Ashie Stanley
    Chinquapin Elementary - Greta H. Thigpen & Michelle Shepard
    Duplin Early College High - Marijayne Jessup
    East Duplin High - Corey Keffer
    James Kenan High - Marley Blanchard
    Kenansville Elementary - Amy Huffer
    North Duplin Elementary - Carla Anderson
    North Duplin Jr/Sr High - Mendy Marcin
    Rose Hill-Magnolia Elementary - Jessica Whitman & Shanika Murphy 
    Wallace Elementary - Jennifer Rivenbark
    Wallace-Rose Hill High - Laterri Underwood
    Warsaw Elementary - Tasha Martinez
    Rennaissance Center - Amy Hanchey
Last Modified on July 5, 2020