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    The human contribution is the essential ingredient.  It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.
                                                                                                                                                                       Ethel Percy Andrus 
    Volunteer Information  and Forms
    Volunteer Requirements:
    Each academy student is required to submit documentation showing 25 hours of volunteer work each school year.  The deadline for obtaining the hours for the 2017-2018 school year is April 24th.  The April deadline has been established so that time is available to gather the information needed to determine the students to be recognized at the year-end awards/recognition ceremony.   The deadline is strictly adhered to and not meeting this deadline will result in separation from the academy.  Note that 25 hours is the minimum and that obtaining more than this required amount is optional.  However, students logging more than the 25 hours may be recognized at the year-end ceremony.  Remember you will complete 100 hours by the end of your senior year.  Of the 100 hours,  25 of these must be in a clinical setting.  We are suggesting to obtain the 25 clinical hours evenly throughout your four years of high school, but it is not necessary to obtain the hours in this manner.  Vidant Duplin Hospital's Junior Volunteer Program is an excellent way to earn your total 25 hours of clinical time but has limited slots available so apply early.  You must have completed your freshman year before you can volunteer.  Please keep this website watched as it will be updated when the hospital is accepting applications each spring for this opportunity.
    Volunteer Hour Log-In Sheet:
    Each academy student will use the log-in sheet provided below to record volunteer hours.  Students may turn in these sheets at any time during the year or turn in one sheet documenting all 25 hours on or before the year-end deadline.   Volunteer hours will not be counted unless recorded on this form.  We encourage you to turn in your  volunteer forms as soon as possible to prevent misplacing or losing the forms.   You have 3 options for turning in your volunteer form(s).  You may mail them to Duplin County Schools, PO Box 128, Kenansville, NC 28349, Attn:  Debra W. Sholar or fax them to (910) 296-1396.  If you have scanning capabilities, you may scan the form and email it to dsholar@duplinschools.net.  Non-receipt of these forms is not the responsibility of the academy.  Do not assume forms were received.  You may call the coordinator to verify receipt of the form(s).  Please make sure the supervisor's signature and  all other parts of the form are complete.  Otherwise the hours cannot count towards the 25 hour yearly total.  Click to download the log-in sheet: Volunteer Log April 2020
    Approved list of Participating Volunteer Sites: 
    Provided below is a list of volunteer sites that have already been approved by the academy.  Therefore, you will not need any further permission from HSA to use the hours acquired while volunteering for these sites.  However, if there is a site or a volunteer opportunity that is not listed below, you may call (910) 296-4504 (cell), (910) 296-6695 or email the HSA  coordinator at dsholar@duplinschools.net  for approval.  We will review the site and/or opportunity and let you know.  Please ask for permission prior to volunteering as not all sites or opportunities may be approved.  The list of volunteer sites will be updated as new sites are added or removed so please periodically check the list.    List of Preapproved Agencies
    Volunteer Dress Code:
     While there is not a dress code policy for  volunteering, you should discuss this with the volunteer site manager to make sure you adhere to any dress code specifications the site may have.  Clinical settings will most likely have a dress code.  If you are in doubt, please use your school's policy at the very least  while volunteering.  Remember you are in effect representing the academy while volunteering.  While not a requirement, it is highly suggested to wear your HSA T-shirt or your more formal academy polo style shirt if you ordered one.  If you obtain your volunteer hours through Vidant Duplin Hospital, a volunteer dress code will be given to you that is required and enforced.  No exceptions.
Last Modified on June 18, 2019