• iPads in the PreK-5 Classroom

    Participants will gain knowledge in ...
    • iPad tips and tricks
    • Administrative and productivity apps for teachers 
    • Effectively integrating iPads in the PreK-5 classroom with whole group and small group instruction.

    iPad Tips & Tricks
    • Multitasking gestures
    • Multitasking bar
    • Screen orientation
    • Spotlight search
    • Customized iPad 
    • Home screen link
    • Screen shot
    • Safari browser
    Click here for additional tips and tricks
    Click here for information on iOS 7.
    Apps for Teachers

    • Google Drive
    • Evernote
    • Wunderlist
    • Three Ring
    • Class Dojo 

    Socrative - Student Response Clicker
    What are QR Codes? 
    Types of Quiz-Based Activities
    Quiz - Teacher or Student PacedSpace RaceExit Ticket
    Types of QuestionsMultiple Choice Short Answer
    Instant QuestionsMultiple ChoiceTrue/FalseShort Answer
    ReportsNo ReportDownload ReportEmail Report 

    QR Codes - Scavenger Hunt
    QR stands for quick response.  It's basically a quick, scannable barcode-like image that takes you to a specific digital     destination.
    • Scanning QR Codes
    QR codes are scanned using a QR code reader app;  i-Nigma or Qrafter
    • Creating QR Codes
                Basic QR code creator for URL or text - Kaywa QR Code
                Scavenger hunt creator - Class Tools
                QR Voice Code - QR Voice 

    Digital Storytelling with iPads


    Digital storytelling in the classroom...

    • Develops creativity and critical thinking
    • Gives shy students and those that are afraid to speak in class an opportunity to share whats on their mind 
    • Promotes the notions of life long learning and independent learning
    • Helps students explore the meaning of their own experience, give value to it, and communicate that experience with others
    • Reflective process that helps students reflect upon their learning and find deep connections with the subject matter
    • Develops proficiency with multimedia applications 

    Apps for digital storytelling

    Story Kit  Story Kit - Book/Story Creator App
    • Add images
    • Simple drawing
    • Record sound
    • Add text 
    Story Creator  Story Creator - Book/Story Creator App
    • Add images
    • Simple drawing
    • Record sound
    • Add text 

    Independent Activity- 

    Choose either Story Kit or Story Creator to explore.  Create a book about your summer vacation.  Include one simple drawing, one photo, text and audio.
    Pic Collage  Pic Collage - Poster/Collage App
    • Add images from the web or photos
    • Add text
    • Add stickers 
    Comic Touch Lite  Comic Touch Lite - Poster/Comic Creator App
    • Add images
    • Add speech, thought, whisper, and exclaim bubbles
    • Add captions

    Independent Activity -

    Choose either Pic Collage or Comic Touch Lite. Create a product that shares 3 things about yourself.
    Sock Puppets  Sock Puppets - Video/Movie Creator App
    • Create lip-synched videos
    • Add puppets
    • Add props
    • Record audio 
    Puppet Pals  Puppet Pals - Video/Movie Creator App
    • Add fairytale characters
    • Add backdrops
    • Record audio

    Independent Activity - 

    Choose either Sock Puppets or Puppet Pals to explore.  Create a 30 second video clip explaining one or more of your classroom expectations.

    Interactive whiteboard & mind-mapping apps

    Interactive whiteboard app can be used to...

    • Create lessons for the flipped classroom
    • Explain steps to solve a math problem
    • Label the parts of a diagram, photo, etc.
    • Create a story 
    educreations Educreations       show me Show Me

    Independent Activity - 

    Take a few minutes and explore the online resources for both Educreations and Show Me.  Also, take a few minutes to explore the features for each.  Create a demonstration for a math topic that you teach with one and science or social studies with the other. 

    Brainstorming/Mind-mapping apps can be used to...

    • Brainstorm a word, topic, etc.
    • Create graphic organizers
    • Plan a story or project
    • Chalktalk
    popplet Popplet      lino Lino      Idea Sketch Idea Sketch


    Using iPads in Learning Centers

    • Choose an app that purposefully targets a skill for instruction or review.
    • Post clear instructions at the station to explain how the iPads are to be used.
    • Have students prepare the station for the next group of students by restarting the app so that it will be a clean slate.
    • Remember that your station does not require a 1:1 ratio of iPad use. You could engage students in activities using 1 iPad per station/group and have 5 groups, or you could have 1 station of 5 iPads for each student. 

    Group Activity

    Choose at least 3 of the apps that we have used today.  Brainstorm ways in which you could use that application in learning centers in your classroom (reading or math).  Record your responses using Popplet.

    Suggested Apps for Information and Resources

    • Follett Digital Reader
    • iBooks
    • Safari Montage
    • Google Earth
    • News Channel Apps
    • Brain Pop
    • PBS Kids
    • Dictionary.com
Last Modified on October 21, 2013