Kenansville Elementary

    October 19, 2020

    Dear Tiger Cub Parents:

    Next week is National Bus Safety Week (10/19 thru 10/23), during this week the bus safety rules, as well as the bus safety plan will be reviewed with all students. We will reinforce the importance of following the rules and procedures to insure that all children feel physically and emotionally safe during their ride to and from school.

    During Bus Safety Week the assistant principal will meet with all bus drivers to review the bus rules and safety plan. Drivers are encouraged to communicate with the assistant principal as well as with parents when there is a problem so that we can address the situation before it escalates.

    Below is our bus safety plan. Please discuss the plan with your child/ren in order to reinforce these rules. It is very important that you and your child/ren have this discussion.


    Getting to the Bus

    1.      Children should get plenty of rest so they won’t fall asleep on the bus.

    2.      Have your child at the bus stop on time. Running after a bus is dangerous.

    3.      Remind your child/ren to stay out of the “danger zone” by keeping 10 giant steps away from the bus at all times so the driver can see the.

    Getting on the Bus

    4.      Children should cross in front of the bus crossing gate where the driver can see them.

    5.      Children should look both ways (twice), before approaching the bus.

    6.      Enter the bus in a single file in an orderly manner.

    7.      Sit down right away and stay seated while the bus is in motion; no moving/changing seats.

    8.      The first student to enter a seat must move in towards the window. (Rules do not apply to buses with assigned seating).

    9.      No seats are to be saved.

    (See Reverse Side)

    10. Children’s clothing and backpacks should not have long ties or traps that could get caught when climbing on or off the bus. Backpacks should always be worn on your child/ren backs while climbing on or off the bus.

    Behavior on the Bus

    11. Children should never put their head, arms or anything else out the bus windows.

    12. Use quiet voices

    13. Keep Hands and feet to yourself

    14. Keep aisles clear

    15. Listen to and follow directions from teachers and bus drivers

    16. No eating or drinking

    17. No inappropriate or hurtful language

    18. No teasing or put downs

    Range of Consequences

    1.      Oral warning/Call home to parents

    2.      Call home to parents/ one day possible bus suspension

    3.      Call home to parents/1-3 days possible bus suspension

    4.      Call home to parents/possible expulsion from bus

    If you have a bus problem, concern or questions about this bus safety plan, call the assistant principal, Ivy Dowe at 910-296-1647.

    We would also like for our parents take part along with our staff in honoring our outstanding bus drivers. Please check with your child’s Teacher to see how you may be able to take part in this celebration.



    Ivy Dowe, Assistant Principal

    Kenansville Elementary School


Last Modified on January 27, 2020