• Agenda I November 12, 2013
     Activity    Time
     Introduction - Review Agenda, Sign In3:00
     Why Use SMART Boards in the Classroom?3:05
     Review Basic Interface 3:10
     Exercise 1 - Create a slide in which you use one of the basic feature of SMART Notebook for tomorrow's lesson.3:35
     Use the Properties Tab to create Interactivity3:40
     Exercise 2 - Create an interactive activity for your lesson tomorrow.3:50
     Explore the Gallery3:55
     SMART Exchange4:15
     Follow Up Activity  - 
    1. Use SMART Notebook software to create a lesson presentation that included various interactive elements that appeal to all learning types.
    2. Evaluate your lesson using the rubric & make adjustments if needed.
    3. Teach the lesson.
    4. Respond to the Blog with a reflection of how the lesson was impacted by the use of interactivity.
     Questions & Answer 4:25
     Evaluation 4:30

  • SMART Notebook Interactivity Lesson Reflection

    Posted by LINDSAY SKIDMORE on 11/11/2013
    After reviewing the elements of interactivity that can be used in the classroom, you developed a lesson plan that incorporates these features in your classroom. Describe your lesson and some of the features you used? How did your students respond?  What were some activities that went well? What were some challenges you faced?  How could you improve upon your lesson? What are your plans for the use of SMART Notebook software in the future?
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